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Homeschool Legacy ~ We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution

The TOS Review Crew is once again reviewing a group of Unit Studies from Homeschool Legacy.  This time there are 13 units being reviewed, that cover a variety of topics. Some of them are for more elementary ages, and others are for a wider age range.  This year we were chosen to review We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution. This particular unit study has reading selections and activities that can be used with a wide range of ages, which makes it an especially good choice for a family with multiple children (which isn't to say that it can't be used with a smaller or only child family... because it can!).

You can see that there are history, holiday, and science titles. Interestingly enough, we were chosen to review a history/government title which coordinates with the title we reviewed in 2012 (Revolutionary Ideas~ The Story of the American Revolution Review).

There are many things that remain the same for this review, as the basic format of the unit studies hasn't changed overly much.

This study included material covering;
Bible (Biblical Worldview and weekly family devotions)
Quality Literature (Independent and Read-Aloud selections for many ages)
Language, History, and Research (Word studies, Vocabulary, and suggestions for research projects/reports that we tended to cover more as discussion than written papers, as my high schoolers are fairly busy covering their every day work)
Geography, Arts and Crafts, and Art Appreciation are touched on in a very limited way, which is understandable given the topic.
Field Trip Suggestions are given throughout, some of which are virtual field trips (Appreciated when field-tripping is more difficult to accomplish).

At this point it is important to let you know that my family received a digital copy of this unit study, not a physical copy. We discovered this time that we felt we might have fared better with a physical copy, as my eldest has a hard time reading and concentrating on content on her computer screen and does much better with a book in her hand.

HOWEVER, one of the huge benefits to this digital copy is that it has been reworked, and now includes links to various websites and videos, making it simple to click and go. The digital study also includes color photos now instead of the black and white photos we saw in our previous review. Nice upgrade!

We solved some of the digital/concentration issue by putting the document on my ipad and opening it in my pdf-notes app. This gave a nice screen size to the pages, and allowed for highlighting right on the page. I highlighted the bits for them to read in one color, and the bits for them to DO in another color. When they completed things they were check-marked in another color.

Some favorite things about this study remained the same as in our last review :

  • The addition of movies to school time (Although we had already watched "National Treasure" we thought it was great that it was recommended!) 
  • The easy links to get to various websites, videos, etc...
  • The inclusion of recipes and games (What good unit study doesn't have those? :) )
  • The great information (Of course!) and topics for discussion. 
  • Christian Worldview~ Although the history revisionists would try to suggest that people like Ben Franklin maintained less than a Christian Worldview, Homeschool Legacy does a fabulous job of including quotes that show this is far from true. Take for instance one of my daughter's favorite quotes by Mr. Franklin (taken from the weekly family devotional): 
What we found more difficult with this Once-a-Week Unit Study (beyond the electronic vs physical debate) also remained the same~ you can go back and read my first review (Scroll towards the end) to see why I don't feel this works really well for high school students in particular as a Once-A-Week Study, but why I also think that it is a great resource (If planned into your regular week for more than one day), particularly if you are looking for an interesting quarter (?) credit in Government for your high school student.

One more thing to mention, and then I'm down to the Nitty Gritty~ Those who have children involved in Boy Scouts of America or American Heritage Girls can use these unit studies to help them earn credit and/or badges, and the studies include forms and notes throughout to help with those endeavors.

Not So Nutty Nitty Gritty 
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