Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Post(s) Ever~

One of my friends on the TOS Crew (Rodna @Training Up Children For Christ) thought it would be fun to link up our first posts ever, just to see how things have changed~ and I thought that sounded like fun!

However, I'm a little scattered~ My VERY first post was over on HomeschoolBlogger, which I don't use much any more~ It was the new year, 2006~ Wow! I didn't even recognize that I had a 5 year blogging anniversary already! Crazy!

Two and a half years later I moved over here to Blogger, and this is the first post on my Small Change (Little Bits that Add Up) blog. I am trying to figure out how to "migrate" my posts from Small Change over to my current blog (And the one that loves followers) ~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~  I started ~ Acorns ~ in Fall of 2008 strictly as my TOS Crew Review Blog, however, I have since come to decide that I would prefer to maintain only one blog. I also think it is more interesting to my readers to only have one blog, with a variety of posts. Now, without further ado, here is my first TOS Crew Review ever~ Help Me To Teach (This is the blog that I would prefer to have you "Friend" via GFC).

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy this little walk down my blogging memory lane. :) If you'd like to read some other (or link up your own) Very First Posts hop over to this link up at Rodna's blog.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Survivor" for kids? (And a fun giveaway)

Photo on 2011-08-09 at 13.06
MomSelect and  Time Island recently asked me to check out the new website for kids, Time Island. They also sent me a fun package with bracelets, tattoos, a bandana and a backpack, all with a "survivor" "Time Island" theme. (Keep reading for your chance to win a similar package).

Time Island "fishing" game
Time Island barren hut
Initial Hut
What exactly IS Time Island?
  • A "Community" oriented game, where kids create a player who is trying to "survive" on Time Island. 
  • They need to be cared for (Food, Hygiene, Clean hut~ important concepts! ;) )
  • They can "improve" their living situation by playing games and earning currency to purchase items for their huts. 
  • The children can invite others to be a part of their "Tribe", where they can play games together and chat. This is an introduction  to "Social Media" in a safer environment. Rules are in place to protect your child, and you can opt to keep their social activity set to "Limited chat" option

Here's a little video that will give you more information.
As with many BETA programs, there are limitations to playing on Time Island. There are games that are difficult to figure out exactly "how" to play. There are games that seem "Required" but frustrating, as one can't go far enough to "Earn" the object needed, due to this being the Beta version.

However, there are some neat aspects: Graphics are nice, tribe option is interesting, and there are some unique games. Once some of the "Bugs" are figured out, this should be a fun option for computer-time play.

If you are interested in checking it out, please use our link (the mom/child team who drives the most traffic to Time Island will receive a gift).

Now~ on to the giveaway~
The fine folks at Time Island and MomSelect are going to send the winner of my giveaway a fun package similar to ours (pictured at the top of this post)

The details~ Update~ I am extending the entry period to August 22, 11:59 EST, as I had a question for the sponsor (International entries allowed, or not). I will keep it open until I hear back.
Giveaway ends on August 19, 11:59pm EST

Mandatory entry:
  • Tell me how you heard about this giveaway
Optional entries~
  • Follow my blog via GFC (Left sidebar)
  • Visit the Time Island website and leave me a comment telling something you learned there. 
  • Tweet about this giveaway~ including the following information: Visit @acornsofgold to enter #giveaway (Ends 8/19) for a #timeisland #funpack and leave me a comment with the link to your tweet (Can be done once daily)
  • "like" the Time Island Facebook fan page and write a comment on their wall(leave me a comment here with a link to your FB comment)
  • "like" my Facebook Fan Page  and leave me a comment here.
  • Join me via Blog Frog (Right sidebar)
Alright that sounds about right~ 
Thank you once again to Momselect and Time Island for the fun package, and the introduction to the Time Island website. All viewpoints in this review are my own.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Robert Pierre~ "I'm All In" Giveaway Winner

Well, I got a little delayed by a new dog "incident"(That involved a random pull-up) and following that I was dealing with a horrid multi-day headache.

However, I have finally used the scientific method of choosing a winner by putting the three entries (How fun that you all were local!) into a bowl, and my youngest pulled out a slip of paper.

The winner is .......drum roll........
Karen! (I'll send your address info to the company, right away, so that they can send it out to you)

Now,  just in case anyone else would like another chance to win, I have some other friends who are holding giveaways for Robert Pierre's CD on their blogs as well. (You will need to leave email addresses as contact info for any other giveaways that you enter~ but I recommend entering!) :)

August 6th
Jennifer -
Milk and Honey Mommy

August 8th
- Day by Day in Our World

August 10th
Lori -
- Loving Learning at Home

August 12th
Marine Corps Nomads

August 16th
- Our Village is a Little Different




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