Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nuggets of Gold for First Week of May~ Music, Books and More~

Nuggets of Gold for First Week of May~ Music, Books and More~

May has arrived and there are green shoots and bright flowers popping up everywhere~ the trees are budding out, and (here at least) there are baseball games upon baseball games upon baseball games! (So many that my schedule blew up, and I missed posting last week! EEK!)

However, just now I happen to have a few minutes to share some Golden Nuggets with you all~ please let me know in the comments if you found anything interesting or new here! :)


I know I've mentioned Christ August a number of times~ his latest album, The Maker, was released last month, and I highly recommend it! However, what you may not know is that there is an "Unreleased" album of Chris' available on Noisetrade. There are some fun songs, some sweet songs, and it's *all* Chris (I don't have every song on this album uploaded to itunes, but a goodly number of them are). :)

The deal with Noisetrade is that you can download music for free~ then, if you love it, if you have funds available, etc... you can "tip" the artist. Sweet!

Here's a neat lyric video by one of our favorite artists (who we *haven't* seen in concert yet...) Jamie Grace. She's a fighter (she has Tourette's Syndrome). Great song!

Jamie Grace has released a new Album~ 
not  a free or discounted "nugget" but a great find, none-the-less.
My Eldest made a quick Irish Step Dance video for a fun challenge on Jamie Grace's Facebook page~ it was quite appropriate, as it was the day before she left on her mission trip to Guatemala~ Doing Life Big! (We goofed a little on the last clip by not having the music right by the camera, so it's not quite as loud, but the STEPs are loud!)

Now for a couple of Books~ click on the covers to go directly to Amazon~
some lighter fiction today...
YA Fiction
Free at the time of posting

Sweet WWII Romance
(I enjoyed this one)
Free at the time of posting
I'll call it good for now, as we're on our way out the door again!
Again, please let me know if you enjoy these posts, or find something new here! :)



  1. Your books didn't post correctly. I'm reading "Those We Love Most" by Lee Woodruff. Excellent so far. I love WWII books so I'm bummed that I can't see your recommendations. I got my book at Dollar Tree for $1. Nice! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

    1. Kristie~ (Good, cheap books are always good!) Thank you for letting me know~ the WWII book seems to work for me (If you can't get there, try this link... The YA link was broken, but I think I've fixed it. :)
      Thanks for the comment!


Thanks so much for letting me know you were here. I appreciate "thoughtful" comments. :)



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