Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some Nuggets of Gold for the Merry Month of May!

Hello friends!

I have run across some Nuggets of Gold that I wanted to share with you today. There are a variety of free resources included, so pick and choose what will be helpful for you, and Enjoy!

Christian Liberty Press offers a free download each month. May's Selection is Training Children In Godliness 2nd Edition - PDF Description from the website: "Training Children in Godliness provides parents and other adults with a course on child training in Christian values. The primary purpose of this book is to sharpen the skills and understanding of those individuals who have a burden to guide youngsters in the path of righteousness."

Hands of a Child's Freebie is currently a Unit (Project Pack and Note Pack) on Metals for 4th-10th grade.
Description from the website: "With this unit study you will be able to teach your 4th-10th grade classroom about metals.  Metals are chemical elements that are characterized as durable, lustrous, and strong.  They are so strong and malleable that no other materials compare!  Make your lesson planning easy with the Metals Curriculum  from In the Hands of a Child. This pack includes a 6-day Planning Guide, Related Reading, 15 Hands-On Activities,  a 9-page Research Guide, and Answer Key.  Students will be introduced to the properties of metal, the periodic table, types of metals, key regions where metals are found, mining for metal, recycling, and more."

A Journey Through Learning has a number of Freebies available, among them a nice little "Spring Activities and Games" pdf file which includes a scavenger hunt, a coloring page, and a spot the differences picture among others. I am going to print a couple of pages to take outside on this gorgeous day!

VisionForum offers new audio downloads every day, so what is The Ancient City of the Jaguar: Part I from "The Hunt for Beowolf" album. I've downloaded a number of free Jonathan Park tracks and my boys, particularly, enjoy them.
available today will be gone tomorrow. If you are quick, you can download a free track from the Jonathan Park series~

Currclick regularly offers freebies, and one season-appropriate file is this "mini-helper" 15 page unit on Butterflies.
Description from the website:
"Once it emerges from its chrysalis as an adult, most butterflies have just a few short weeks to live. This is just a quick mini helper to learn a few facts about butterflies. 15 pages."

If you enjoy this small selection of quality Nuggets of Gold for your homeschool, I would love to hear about it in my comments!



  1. Thanks for the tips. Do you have another link to the Jonathan Park audio?

    1. Ahhhh! Thanks for catching that.. fixed it! Grab it quick! :)


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