Friday, May 24, 2013

Rod Stewart ~ New CD "Time" ~ A Review

Every now and again I get fun music reviews~ This time around it was Rod Stewart's new CD "Time." It's always interesting to see what some of the rock/pop icons are up to. It's amazing to look back and see all of the songs that Rod Stewart has put out over the course of the years. Rod Stewart has spent four decades being a rock star, three being a parent, and has a new album's worth of rollicking stories to tell. Time is his first album of new material in almost 20 years (and his hairstyle hasn't changed one bit!)  ;)

Time, released May 7th, 2013, marks Stewart's long-awaited return to his songwriting roots and features 12 tracks, 11 of which he wrote and produced. The album was born from a burst of inspiration that came while Rod was reviewing his life for his recent memoir. Rod rediscovered his voice as a songwriter and rekindled his gift for writing the honest, nerve-touching narratives that have been the cornerstone to the first three decades of his career.

Time is an eclectic set of songs. Musically I enjoyed the diversity and feel~ however, I felt like a bit of a prude when reading the lyrics, as you will see as I discuss each song below~ for the sake of a few gratuitous phrases, I was turned off of songs that I would otherwise enjoy... :(
  1. She Makes Me Happy~ A fun, upbeat song that I'd like to listen to, if there weren't a crude turn of the phrase at the end of the first verse... :( 
  2. Can't Stop Me Now~ Interesting "biographical" song~ not really a stand out~ but could be a good "motivator" 
  3. It's Over~ Sad song~ not one that I would listen in my home~ I prefer to surround my children with the "positive" 
  4. Brighton Beach~ Somewhat lamenting ballad~ not one I would listen to much, partially because of the rock-n-roll "love 'em and leave 'em theme" (although it was his love that left him...) that I don't ascribe to ~ however, there are phrases that really strike a chord of nostalgia that I enjoy
  5. Beautiful Morning~ Rollicking, fun driving song~ unfortunately I wouldn't listen to it, particularly with my kids, as I don't need the "Adult" physical allusions. 
  6. Live the Life~ I like this "inspiring" song ~ a "Good Advice" song for the youth of today. :) "Love the life you live, Live the life you love" 
  7. Finest Woman~ I like this tribute to "The finest woman that I've ever known" who doesn't drink or smoke... ;)
  8. Time~ Kind of tells it like it is: "Time waits for no one" 
  9. Picture in a Frame~ Not an "inspirational" song content-wise, but done in a  slow"Spiritual" style a'la Rod Stewart... 
  10. Sexual Religion~ well.... given the name of the song, I bet you can tell already that this momma isn't excited about this one... I really don't care for this one at all... 
  11. Make Love to Me Tonight~ I like the general concept behind this song, but it's not a "listen with the kids" around song in this house... 
  12. Pure Love ~ Nice strong, encouraging ballad about a love that endures... while my favorite example of pure love is that of God towards mankind, I appreciate the sentiment of this song about steadfast human love.

Along with the release of Time, Stewart is set to embark on the European leg of his Live the Life tour on June 1st, while American dates with Steve Winwood will kick off October 17th

You can follow Rod on Twitter  and you can purchase  Time on iTunes or Amazon

I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the CD to facilitate my review. By posting, I am eligible for incentives. All opinions stated are my own. #TimeWithRod

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