Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boy's Night Out, Baseball, and Boston Strong!

Seats with a View (And more importantly with a 5yo, clean bathrooms nearby!)
The boys had a fun night out courtesy of, and with, a friend who was given some awesome tickets to the Red Sox game tonight~  box seats behind home plate!

Not quite sure why these are distorting...
but anyway, this is Littlest's FIRST Pro Baseball and first Red Sox game~ think he's enjoying himself and the foot-long hotdog that he had??? :)

Dad and the Boys

The Benefactor and Middlest

Most amazing surprise of the night~ look who was sitting right behind the boys.... (you can see him in that last photo)~  Boston Strong ~ Jeff Bauman Apparently tonight was the first time that Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arrendondo were able to make it to the park the same night, and they threw out the first pitch, and spent the rest of the game right above my crowd.  A very cool night to be there!

When Middlest realized that the camera's were focusing on the row behind them (His hat made it on the screen...) :) he turned around and gave Jeff Bauman a thumbs up~ he grinned and gave him a thumbs up right back!

Before leaving FOR the game, littlest was wondering if they could get a ballplayer's autograph~ I told him probably not~ this is a little different from the minor league games we've been to~ HOWEVER, given the location of their seats, Middlest got a couple of autographs from some REAL heroes!

Jeff Bauman Boston Strong
Carlos Arrendondo
All in all, even with a win for Philly instead of Boston, tonight was a good night out for more than just MY boys!


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