Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gift Ideas for Babies ->Teens (Made in the USA!)

Happy 10 Days Till Christmas Eve!! 

Figured it was time to put up a (hopefully) helpful list of gift ideas for the kids in your life, with the bonus of being #MadeInTheUSA . Be on the lookout for a similar list for the grown-ups in your life soon!

All images lead to Amazon and I do appreciate your purchases through my affiliate links~


A sweet baby gift, something that I have purchased in the past for baby presents, an all natural wood rattle with a jingle bell inside~ LOVE it! (Currently $12.54, 10% off list price)

And here is another set of rattles and teething toys, again, all natural wood. (Currently on sale for $19.95).

For ages 6 months and up, a lovely stacking toy that can extend to older ages as it teaches counting sides and learning shapes! (Currently on sale for $18.37, 22% off list price).

Make Four 4-inch vehicles out of wood. Hammer and Glue required. Non-toxic fun for ages 3 and up. (Currently on sale for $14.99, 22% off list price).

This one is another ages 3+, and I think it would make a wonderful gift for an elderly person as well~ what lovely illustrations! (Currently 8% off list price at $23.99)What a GREAT gift idea!

Uncle Goose offers a large variety of wooden blocks~ the full color alphabet blocks as well as uncolored Upper Case, Lower Case, and Numerals for you to decorate yourself, if you are artistically inclined. :) There are many more, including foreign language blocks, Braille Blocks, and Sign Language Alphabet Blocks. So Cool!

Obviously, I'm a fan of natural wood products, but there are some others out there worth looking at as well. Green Toys were just starting to be on my radar when my youngest was the appropriate age~ they have some fun things made from recycled materials, and again, made in the US of A. ;)
Tea Set is $17.52  and Dinner Set is $25.72, Dump Truck is $17.19

Kids (Tween to Teen)

CLASSIC Christmas gift~ Who doesn't remember the classic potholder loop-weaving kit? I personally love this Kit ($16.99) from Harrisville Designs, along with the refill loops kit ($15.78)~ these are GORGEOUS colors!

Magnetic Poetry! There are a number of sets~ The BIG First Words set for the younger kids, and there are some really fun sets for older kids and adults as well... Love the Bard? There's a set for that! Make Merry on your Refrigerator!

$12.99 currently
Have you seen this Wallet Multi Tool? What a fun and useful gift for the handy kid in your life! Pretty nifty piece of work right here, with 3 screwdrivers, 6 nested hex wrenches, Bottle opener, letter opener, and 6 more tools.

Currently $11.60

Or a stocking stuffer sized light to keep in a car or backpack? With the sun setting so early and rising so late, a little extra light is not a bad thing! (I saw a  student waiting for the bus at 6-something this morning... in the dark, on the side of the road, no reflective materials~ a flashlight would be a good thing!)

Currently $22.95
Along the same lines~ if you have a runner (or dog walker, or really anyone who goes out at night) in the family, how about a reflective beanie? There is a ponytail version and a regular version.

Fun Socks anyone? Soulmate recycled cotton blends make for super cute mismatched socks, with color choices that suit both guys and gals. This boot topper is just an example of the designs you'll find.
Mismatched Boot Topper
$14.00+ $2 S&H

Hope this gives you some ideas~ I'd love to know if you found something new and useful in your post~ thoughtful comments are always appreciated. :)


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