Saturday, December 3, 2016

Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas CD (Review and Giveaway)


One of our traditional Every-Christmas-Morning-Must-Be-Played CD's is Amy Grant's "A Christmas Album." It is part of the soundtrack of our lives, so we were all excited to be chosen to review Amy Grant's brand new Tennessee Christmas Album (And offer a giveaway, hurrah!). 

Amy Grant has one of those voices that is just so smooth and mellow that it makes you almost instantly relax when you hear it.

As you might imagine with a Title of Tennessee Christmas, one of the tracks is an updated recording of Tennessee Christmas. It has a very nostalgic, feel, as does the majority of the album. This was accomplished in part by recording the entire album in their home~ using friends and family for background vocals. One song has her girls (my how they've grown up!) singing together, and yes, Vince Gill definitely makes an appearance or two on this album as well. 

Take a listen... 

Here are the tracks with a little bit of my take on each one.
  1. Tennessee Christmas ~ Same songs and harmonies, slightly different cast from the original
  2. To Be Together ~ You heard it above. ;) 
  3. Christmas For You and Me ~ Not my favorite track, but some folks may like it more than I do. 
  4. Melancholy Christmas ~ The name says it all. 
  5. December ~ Another mellow, quiet, almost fragile song~ (Just like a melting snowflake)
  6. White Christmas ~ Excellent, old-fashioned version in classic Amy Grant style. 
  7. Joy To the World ~ *NOT* the typical Loud, Joyous singing~ again, very gentle into jazz, and back again. 
  8. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm ~ Vintage~ Love it! (I don't remember really hearing this sung before~ although I understand it was performed by some of the greats~ Tony Bennet and Dean Martin ~ I think I'll stick with Amy Grant's version. ;) )
  9. Baby, It's Cold Outside (Featuring Vince Gill) ~ well, if anyone can make me appreciate this song, I guess it might be these two. 
  10. Christmas Don't Be Late ~ Love this version~ a peek at the Grant/Gill household. Not all music, but also some memories of Christmases past (And this is the is the song with Amy's daughters singing in lovely harmony). 
  11. Still Can't Sleep ~ Sweet little song. 
  12. Another Merry Christmas ~ Another nostalgic song~ gives me the same feeling as "If These Walls Could Speak" to some degree. A "real" "honest" song. 
  13. Oh Come All Ye Faithful ~ Another peek into Amy's life, as she shares a little bit and sings with her family and friends. 

I expect that there will definitely be songs from this album added to our Christmas morning playlist, and certainly, it will be played throughout this month at home and in the car.

Go buy your own, and then enter my giveaway to win one as a gift to give away! :) 

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  1. I've listened to Amy from her early days...just love her voice��

  2. I love Tennessee Christmas. It is extra special now that I have a college student in Nashville now.

  3. I love Tennessee Christmas. It is extra special now that I have a college student in Nashville now.

  4. my favorite amy grant christmas song is A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER. <3

  5. I have love Amy Grant for my entire life. Listening to her sign was like listening to my mom sing. Got me through some rough times.


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