Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day 2014 (And a couple of Nuggets for you)

For those of you who are new readers, my family celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas. Part of the reason we started it is because our anniversary is on January 6th (Epiphany), so it made a fun way to keep the festivities going. We also decided that it was a great way to accommodate our eldest who didn't enjoy being pushed to open any more presents before she had the fully enjoyed the one in front of her. As time passed, we realized that it was a good way to avoid "Christmas Letdown" and extend the joy of the season.

So, what does it look like at our house Christmas morning?

Open Stockings (whenever we happen to get up...), breakfast, and then generally open "the big gift" under the tree for each person. The rest of the day is spent enjoying the stocking stuffers (which usually have some fun/funky things as well as music or something else that will encourage hanging out as a family, even if it's just a spiffy new pen or pencil, or a deck of cards), and the "big gifts."

Sometimes it's fun to share what was found under the tree (and in the stockings) for your future gift-giving inspiration...(clicking on the photos will take you to Amazon, if you'd like to research these items for your own use)

Winfrey's Specialty Chocolates

Stocking Stuffer Highlights~ 
Bath Gels and pocketbac hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, Crest BE Chocolate Mint Toothpaste, Fancy candy from a local candy store (Winfrey's), Yummy Jam, 12 Days of Christmas Charm Bracelet, Flexi-O hair holder, Gund Hedgie, Shiny Nail Tape* and sticky pencils, Music CD's , Wireless Mouse, Duncan Yo-yos , Singing "sizzling" magnets, Webkinz (reindeer for youngest, since Middlest and Eldest had them already), Yummy nuts from (Espresso Almonds and Bavarian Pecans) , "Engraving Art" Magnets (Scratch-off), Schylling Mini Tweet Blue Bird, Hotwheels Car, Wind-up Toys, Toy Socks, BassPro water bottle snuggy
(*not pictured)

Hubby received a "promise" for a fun new instrument~ the Cajon showed up at almost all the concerts we went to this year (Which was a "new" thing for our family since we've numbered more than 2). The one I wanted was in stock until about 12 hours before I ordered... but I have it on back-order!
I got a spiffy new "cool colors" baby-doll style crushed velvet top that will look smashing with my black velvet leggings and new black boots! (Picture may eventually show up here...)

Eldest received a "logic toy" ~ Have you heard of Brain Strings? We gave her this set of 3 "puzzling" balls. They are very difficult to solve, interesting to look at, and quite challenging in all. They are set up with strong rubber cords (They look like hair elastics) attached to various pieces or points in the puzzle. Mix the cords up by moving things around, and then try to untangle them. Sadly, the middle puzzle doesn't seem to be quite as sturdy as the others, while being more perplexing, and I snapped one of the cords while trying to get myself out of the knotty mess I had gotten into... :( I read some reviews, and it looks like that is a common issue with the Brainstring R... but the other two are worth it!

Middlest also received a logic puzzle~ I had read some interesting reviews on this one and thought it would be a fun change of pace for him when he needs a break during the school day, or when traveling... whatever. Anti-Virus is a logic/spatial/manipulative game similar in style to Rush Hour~ but with diagonal movements and odd shaped pieces (Which you can move as a unit)~ it is fun and a challenge. The game comes with a booklet of challenge puzzles to solve~ some are fairly simple, and others... well, they will take some work! Bonus~ this is a great game for all ages~ Littlest is enjoying solving these himself~ great little mathematical mind at work here... :)

Littlest got one of the big things on his wishlist (It's been there for the past year or so...), the Lego City Police Museum Break-in. After he put together the Lego City Tow truck that he received from friends Christmas Eve he was ready to begin his next challenge. it took a few hours, but he put together all 4 pieces to this set and is ready to play with it when he gets up tomorrow.

We had a lovely breakfast that was "slightly" home-made~ using Immaculate Baking Company Crescent Rolls for a Savory Scrambled Eggs and Bacon Rollup, and also a Sweet Cinnamon Roll Version. These were accompanied by Clementines and Pomegranate seeds. Delish!

Our day was spent at home, hanging out and enjoying being with each other as we remembered the joy of the Savior's birth.

A few "Nuggets" for you:
Tonight? I expect we will eat leftovers and watch a Christmas Movie on Netflix or Amazon (Free 30 day trial to Amazon Prime).

If you'd like to read about other 12 Days of Christmas Celebrations, or share what you're doing during the 12 days, you can visit where I'm linking up @ Kym at Homeschool Coffee Break.

Some companies/websites have 12 Days of Christmas offerings~ notably IEW's 12 Day's of Christmas~ they have done this previous years, and there is always something worth checking out.

Betty E. From Peace Creek on the Prairie has a freebie that ends today~ Family Christmas Memories Notebooking Pages  Enjoy! :)



  1. What a full morning. I like the way your family stretches it out. Legos were a hit with my son, too. He has put them together as directed and now moved on to creating his own versions. I'm going to look for that toothpaste for him. A spin brush toothbrush is usually in his stocking and we somehow overlooked that this year. I'm going to add your brain games to my wish list for the kids. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :) This year is the first year that youngest was able to complete larger sets on his own, following the directions (he was close last year, but still needed some assistance). He builds his own stuff too~ which is also fun.
      *note~ try to find a coupon and tie it in to rewards or a sale at your local drugstore for the toothpaste~ it's pretty spendy, hence the appearance in the stocking vs a regular purchase. It sure is nice for a change of pace, tho'... ;) Happy Boxing Day! :)

  2. I love the practice of stretching out the opening of presents. The way we did it this year is that only one present at a time got opened, so everyone else watched in breathless anticipation and then all cheered as well. LOL That was actually my kids' idea too. Thanks for linking up! (And Happy Anniversary in advance!)


Thanks so much for letting me know you were here. I appreciate "thoughtful" comments. :)



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