Saturday, December 27, 2014

Boxing Day 2014

Boxing Day found us catching up on missed sleep, hanging out with the neighbors on the front porch (since the weather has been singularly, unseasonably, warm), and generally chilling out~ catching up on facebook posts and generally relaxing.

Presents were as follows:
Hubby: Donut Shop K-Cups
Me: handpainted ornament from Youngest, purchased at the Danvers Art Association. Sweet!
Eldest: Pretty new longsleeve burnout shirt and an owl Flexi-8
Middlest: Personalized Mouse Pad made at Shutterfly
Youngest: A Lego Police Advent calendar, given as a "Set" of extras, since I don't know what Lego Police have to do with Advent... ;) Putting more LEGOs together... and playing museum break-in

We enjoyed watching SNOW on Netflix~ silly, sweet movie that we discovered last year~ it's now on the "watch every year" list. ;)

Some of the greatest blessings~ just having time to be with and enjoy one another's company without the pressures of lack of sleep and needing to get to work, dance or otherwise.


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