Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy *Valentime's* Day!

We had a pleasant Valentine's day~ if a little busy
(which is why I'm posting the day after... :) )
Watching some funny videos from Kid Snippets
"Happy Valentime's Day" 

And our Favorite.... Fast Food....... (how ironic)

I had some fun treat bags for the kids.... 

Nifty bag headers I found on pinterest 
printed up from Love From The Oven

Eldest got a new pair of socks and the daily calendar I forgot to give her in her stocking ... 

Middlest got two new packs of chewing gum.

Youngest's   special item was a teddy bear pez. :) 

I especially liked the handmade bracelets that are looped through the headers~ I purchased these "Threads of Love" as part of an Adoption Fundraiser for my friend Ami over at Walking By The Way.  :) 

Dinner was good Comfort Food~ Cornish Pasties ~ Basically a meat and vegetable turnover~ typically served with gravy (Didn't have time to make it today) or ketchup (My favorite condiment for THIS dish, albeit hardly any other....). A little messy, but the hearst added a little bit of festive flavor. :)  

After a quick dinner for Eldest and I, it was off to dance class, and finally home. I'll have to take pictures later of the chocolate hearts that DH brought home, as well as the new orchid plant for me, and the traditional balloons for the kiddos. 

I know that there are folks who don't care for "Hallmark holidays," but personally, I think that any excuse to go out of our way to show love for our family and friends is a GOOD thing. :) 

The Greatest Valentine of all time.... 
I've seen this a few times, so thought I'd share~ :)

                                For God So loVed the world
                                        that He gAve
                                             His onLy
                                                       That whosever 
                                         believes In Him
                                           should Not perish but have
                                                   evErlasting  life. John 3:16

What did you do to celebrate Love?  I'd love to hear your family-friendly activities and traditions in the comments.


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