Friday, December 19, 2014

More Musical Nuggets ~ 5 Favorite Christmas Songs for your Enjoyment :)

Just thought I'd share a few of our current favorite carols both for you to enjoy via youtube videos. If you love them, go buy the music! :)

Some Children See Him: This is a lesser known song, but so lovely~ and in this time which should be one of peace and joy, but is fraught with discord and hatred, this is a good reminder:

No link on Amazon to purchase~ could be on a recording, but not listed specifically. Too bad, because I think this is as close to the way I love to hear this song as I've ever found. Maybe if Alison Krauss records it someday I'll switch over. ;)

Another song that has come across my facebook newsfeed, so perhaps you've seen it, is Cloverton's rewrite of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah into a song where I can now appreciate the lyrics AND the music...

No link to purchase~ Sony! Listen up! There are people who would LOVE to buy this version of this song! Think about it! :)

And while I enjoy the version of "Mary Did You Know?" performed by the Pentatonix that seems to be going viral, my very favorite artist performing this song is Kathy Mattea~ if you don't have her Christmas Album "Good News" you're missing out on a seriously good set of songs~ many of which have not received the attention *I* feel they are due. ;)
linking to a live performance, which isn't a amazing as the album from an instrumental POV, but the vocal is so powerful:

Link to song on Amazon Mary, Did You Know?

Here's a fun "Synchronized Lights" video set to Go Fish's "Christmas with a Capital 'C'"

Link to song on Amazon Christmas With A Capital "C"

And finally, here is a most excellent, fresh take on Feliz Navidad, by one of our most favorite bands this year~ Unspoken:

Link to song on Amazon  Unspoken: Feliz Navidad

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do! Leave me a comment and tell me some of *your* favorites! :)


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