Friday, December 12, 2014

High School Books under the Christmas tree

If you need some new ideas for your older children and or mommy friends who like to read~ here's a quick set of books to start you thinking of some titles that you can gift to your kiddos ~

No explanation needed...
Good Dystopian Literature
High School (or Mom...) Reads:
Sweet rewrite of
Daddy Long-Legs
LOVED this book,
and so did my teen!
Sci-Fi ~ Excellent Read!
Read it now, so you'll be
ready for the sequel!

Hardcover slipcased Classics!
Currently $19.99
Classic novel
Set in Indiana
Very Charlotte Mason-ish
I have it on good authority
(Eldest received it from
the publisher when @ their HQ)
that this is a good series. 
Another Classic, better
known as the movie, but
worth the read as a book.


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