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Drive Thru History Adventures

You may remember a review for Drive Thru History DVD's that I wrote a while back, and now I have a new product to showcase for Drive Thru History Adventures. For those who are fans of being able to take their multimedia learning with them, these Homeschool History and Bible Videos may be something you'd like to check out.

What hasn't changed is the format of Dave Stott's "drive through history." He enlightens and entertains with humor and historical  illustrations, with live visits on location to help bring history into your home~ your living room ~ your hands.

What *is* new is the method of that delivery. Formerly access to these videos was through DVD, and more recently some streaming options. Now Drive Thru History has its own subscription-based website and "Adventure TV" streaming capabilities that offer access to the videos on computer, smart TV's, Roku and Apple TV, as well as on hand-held devices and tablets. You can now take Drive Thru History Adventures with you anywhere you have internet access. (I successfully set it up on our Roku! Yay!)

Now a quick word about what the subscription offers.

Clearly, as mentioned, the Adventure TV offers access to many videos~
Three Curriculum Series:
Bible History: The Gospels: The Extraordinary Life of Jesus of Nazareth (18 weeks)
Ancient World History: Christianity and the Birth of Western Civilization (12 weeks)
American History: Columbus to the Constitution (12 weeks)

They are accessed via the Adventures Dashboard. As you can see in the screenshots below, there are tabs to access the

  • Curriculum ~ 

    • The main videos
    • Illustrations
    • Summary
    • Suggested readings which can be accessed online or downloaded and printed as a pdf
    • "Side road" information that relates to the main topic
    • Discussion questions (and answer keys), which can also be downloaded in a pdf worksheet format.  
  • Extra Resources ~ include some of the same information, but in a different location
    • Expert Papers and Articles offer rabbit trails with new discoveries and information on various topics related to those covered in the videos. 
    • Side Roads (like the history of President's Day, or St. Valentine's Day, for example)
    • Short Getting Started Videos to help you navigate through the website and all it has to offer
    • Behind the Scenes articles and videos including weekly updates with Dave Stotts that are interesting/fun tidbits (10 minutes long or so?) to listen to~ he includes questions and answers from those who are connected to Drive Thru History Adventures on Social Media. 
    • Suggested Readings, Worksheets and Answer Keys from the curriculum, all in one location. 
  • and Community ~ a feed from the private facebook group and other social media outlets.
So how did we use this?

I pretty much set my high-schooler up with the Ancient World series, and let him loose. He watches the videos on his computer, reads the extra material, and goes through the worksheets. At times he has wished that there was a transcript for the videos so that he could easily go back and find a specific piece of information that he wanted to revisit. He has also mentioned that he wished the worksheet pdfs were interactive so that he could fill them out on his computer and send them to me electonically instead of having to print them up (and then risk losing them in the paper maze of stuff...).

The graphics are very good and help to maintain interest as well as making it easier to remember what was talked about. Kind of difficult to get the image of Hannibals "Castle Elephants" out of your mind once you've seen them~ both illustrated and in action via old Hollywood video clips.

The curriculum videos are very engaging, but I definitely do suggest parental guidance if viewing them with children younger than middle school as they do tackle some of the darker themes of history and historical life. We watched bits and pieces with my history buff 10 year old, but Ancient World history does have its moments that are better left learned about at more mature ages.

My favorite thing is that the  Christian Worldview is clearly seen through the lives of scientists and other figures throughout all history. The occasional cheesy humor will suit the junior high crowd, and the more serious high school students will be able to easily bypass it. Moms and dads will probably chuckle...

Not So Nutty Nitty Gritty 

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