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Weave Your Word In Me (Prayer/Bible Study Curriculum Review)

I was very pleased to be included on this latest review of   Weave Your Word in Me -- Part 1 a 36 week curriculum focusing on The Lord's Prayer. Kid Niche Christian Books is truly filling an empty niche with this 2 part series for tweens. I don't know if you've noticed, but there really aren't that many books on prayer for this age group. Search "prayer" in the children's book category, and you'll find MANY wonderful books for the earliest listener/reader, but only a smattering are available for this age group that can be often overlooked. 

bible study/prayer curriculumWeave Your Word in Me is a full year curriculum centered around The Lord's Prayer. It comes three-hole-punched, and ready to insert in a binder. The weekly lessons are short, generally taking 1-3 sides of a sheet of paper.

The structure follows the nine verses of a rythmic poem/prayer My Whole Self Before You that is fashioned after the Lord's Prayer. Two of the verses focus on God the Father, two of the verses focus on God the Son, three of the verses focus on what God wants from us (how we should live), and the last two verses focus on the God the Spirit. This first part in the series covers the God the Father and God the Son. The second part of the series finishes with What God Wants from us, and God the Spirit (in 44 lessons).

detail of study format pageThe lessons that follow each verse of the poem include the verse in a text box that runs the length of the page. You can choose to have your child memorize the verse intentionally, but there is also the possibility that just with weekly repetition on the page it will be internalized.

details of lesson pageAs I mentioned, the lessons are short, and follow a little bit of a format, but with enough variety to keep things interesting. There will always be at least one Scripture passage to look up, and each lesson always ends with a fill-in-the-blank model prayer, to show your child how they can pray (have you ever heard "I don't know what to say!" when you ask your child to pray?). I am not fond of "rote prayer" personally, but a little guidance is a good thing, and sometimes not coming from Mom and Dad is a nice thing.

detail of lesson page
What changes in each lesson is the way the verses are approached. Sometimes it's a basic question/answer format, others there are fill-in-the-blank sections, draw your answer, underline, match, circle, etc...  The pages are illustrated, but not so much that a tween will feel babied, just the right amount so that they aren't overwhelmed with only text on the page.

Because we participate in AWANA and have Sunday School, I don't like to add a huge amount of extra Bible work to my son's days (Because he's already doing daily work), but the lessons in Weave Your Word In Me add just enough to our day.

Compatible with the following Bible translations: KJV, ESV, NKJV, NIV, NASB and NABRE
You can find samples from the book on the product page linked below.

Kid Niche Weave Your Word in Me Graphic Not So Nutty Nitty Gritty 
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