Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Peppermint Essential Oil Review (Simply Earth product)

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I'm going to be doing a few reviews that aren't my usual books, music, or homeschool-related over the next few weeks. The first one up is a peppermint essential oil by #simplyearth.  I haven't used essential oils for awhile, and my supplies have been rather lacking, so I was very pleased to be sent this oil for free, in exchange for my honest review.

Simply Earth is a new, small, family business run by two brothers. Their intent is to offer a high quality product at reasonable prices, with a percentage given back to organizations that help others. When they started they were giving 7.5% of their sales to charitable organizations. That has changed to 13%, although that is not currently reflected on all website pages just yet. I'm a bit of a sucker for organizations that do good! You can read their blog for more information about their "Cause of the month."

OK, on with the product...

Wintertime, sniffles, raising dust getting ready for the Christmas tree, and general allergies are all common in my family this time of year, and December 2015 is no exception! I have used peppermint oil in the past (Combined with a few others) to make a steam bath for really nasty sinus congestion, but we haven't gotten to that point (yet). However, my Middlest almost always has a stuffy nose/ feels "Allergy-ish"  and winter/hot-air heating doesn't help him out. I decided to try using some #simplyearth peppermint oil on a bit of cotton, which I put in his heating vent.

When I took the lid off of the 15ml bottle, I wondered about the potency of the oil, as it wasn't incredibly strong. Not to worry~ when the heat came on, and flowed over/through the Peppermint infused cotton, his room was filled with a lovely peppermint aroma, that even drifted down the hall. 18 hours later, and the scent was still there, but not as strong. 18 hours later, and the scent was still there, but not as strong.

I asked him if he thought it made a difference, and he felt that it definitely helped his "allergy" feeling/stuffy nose, and he was breathing more clearly (rather nice not to be using the menthol "inhaler tubes" all the time).  I felt that it was helping my lungs breathe a little better as well. I'm now adding peppermint oiled cotton strips to a number of our hot air outlets, which will hopefully continue to help with our respiratory issues, stimulate our brains a bit while doing schoolwork, AND make our house smell delightfully "Christmassy!"

Side note: as I mentioned, I haven't done much with essential oils for awhile, and there are many more options for purchasing than there used to be. It is important to note that Simply Earth's oils are 100% therapeutic grade and third party tested, which makes me fairly confident in their quality, and $6 a bottle for this peppermint essential oil is in line with what I was paying 18 years ago, when I first started to explore EO's.

I'm sure that I will come up many other good uses for this peppermint oil as I reacquaint myself with essential oil uses and safe practices, but this is making me happy for now.


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