Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year, New Water Bottle! (Review)

Confession... I am a water drinker~ I don't think I need to worry about dehydrating, as I tend to have water with me most of the time, and my children and I have been water-bottle carrying folks since before it was "a thing."

We've gone through plastic water bottles (insulated and otherwise),  and stainless steel (also insulated and otherwise). They have do their jobs, and serve their purposes (mostly), but I do like some more than others.  I don't know about you, but I really *do* like to drink out of a "glass" glass, and have been intrigued by the glass water bottles I've seen out and about, and used by some of my friends, so I was very interested in this latest item which I received for review at a discounted price:  The 12oz Purifyou Glass Water Bottle

This bottle is a great size for carrying out and about, in and out of stores, or brief jaunts. It slides neatly into a handbag, or your favorite canvas.

Note: the silicone cover of the bottle in the bag is the closest to the actual color of the water bottle, the one to the left is more washed out. The bottle is offered in soft grey, blue, green, and pink, in addition to the soft purple that I have.

There really is something different about drinking from glass, and I really do appreciate it. Many folks these days have automatic ice makers in their refrigerators, so the size of the water bottle neck works well for them. We make our ice, and have larger cubes, so I have to work around that. The bottle can be partially filled with water and placed in the freezer, if you have big cubes.

So far I am quite pleased with this bottle, the refreshing feel of water drunk from glass, and the smooth grip of the silicone cover.
If you're looking at trying out a #glasswaterbottle, this might be a good choice for you. :)

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