Thursday, November 20, 2014

One Day Only Sale (Educational Gifts!!)

I received an email in my inbox today detailing an Amazon "Deal of the Day" that I thought was worth mentioning, since I'm planning to purchase one of the items myself... :)
I try to not get into the over-hyping of "stuff" but when it's good quality... I feel the need to share a good deal! (Some of these would make fantastic gifts for donations!)

There are a bunch of Learning Resources products on sale for 50%+ off. We own and love a bunch of these toys!

So, what item am I planning to purchase? We have a VERY old, breaking, tiny cash register (from when my 17 yo was a tike), and my 7 year old keeps saying that he would love it if we got a new one. I've put it on the back burner because the list price for most of the pretend cash registers out there doesn't correlate with our budget... Enter the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register (on sale for $27.50 instead of $50/$60, and less than I could find it anywhere else)

It has drawers that hold real sized money (!),  instead of and itty bitty cash drawer which is what our current falling apart cash register holds.  Of course I don't expect TOO much wear and tear given my youngest's age, but sturdiness is definitely something to consider, and this one looks pretty good!

Apparently there are also some teaching games (This machine "talks"... which may be good or bad depending on your POV) that can help with counting, coin recognition, and basic "money math" which is something some teens at the grocery store could use upon occasion. ;)

Other items of interest?

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Kitchen Set for $22.50
We don't own this exact set, but we own many of the items in it. Fun times! :)

One of my favorites, and the one we have owned for years (Still going strong...) Educational Insights Pots N' Pans Set (currently $10). It looks like they've added a couple of kitchen tools since our purchase over a decade ago (potato masher and tongs)

There are a bunch of other fun kitchen/shopping type items on this daily deal as well as some jumbo plastic play animal sets that are often very popular with the young set... here are a few of them, there are more in the sale:

Learning Resources Jumbo Farm Animals ($15)
Learning Resources Jumbo Domestic Pets ($15)
    Learning Resources Jumbo Jungle Animals ($15)

There are other toys~ Gears, Science Tools,  a Time Tracker, and more...
Check them out if you like, and I hope that this was useful to you!


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