Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Last Days of Christmas... ;) (Including a finshed project!)

Goodness... I was doing so well getting pictures and posts of our "Days of Christmas", and then we all got sick. :( I think that it was a mild form of flu, but it definitely knocked us out for a while. Needless to say, we weren't feeling terribly photogenic, so although we did open presents, we did NOT record them digitally.

I do have one more photo from when it was still "Christmas"... the day of the Tiniest (For the Eldest), the Biggest (For the Middlest) and the Middlest (For the Littlest). Eldest received her traditional charm from her daddy (a sparkly bee this year), Middlest received a salt-water fishing rod, and Littlest received a new game (Zitternix). The variety of sizes was rather fun! :) 

Youngest decided that he needed to balance the Zitternix box before opening it up.... ;) Who knew? This is a rather fun little game~ a version of pick up sticks that is fun to play, and easier to "Regulate" as there is no "Judgement call" on whether a stick wiggles or not. 

Remember that photo of eldest holding the raw materials for a hat? Guess what I finished? :D (No ear flaps, though, she wasn't as set on them as I thought) 

Didn't it turn out pretty? I thought it reminded me of the dawn, but my nightowl instantly determined that it was like a sunset over the water. :) The Blue and Brown are baby alpaca (Soooooo soft!) and the gold/oranges are wool. 

Gadzooks! Check out the day-glo effect with the flash on!  ----->
The other photos are more true to the actual colors.   


  1. My daughter and I got hit with a nasty cold Christmas night. Haven't been that sick in ages!

    Love the hat!

  2. I love the hat! I am just so not crafy in that way but my 15 year old has started to knit and my 17 year old likes to knit, crochet and sew. We didn't get our tree down until January 9th or 10th! I love Christmas and we do usually leave our tree up until Jan 6th but it stayed up just a bit longer cause we were busy.

  3. Love the colors on the hat. Gorgeous...I agree with your daughter on the sunset.

  4. I wish I could knit. Glad to hear that you're all feeling better. And our tree was up until this past Sunday. Now I miss the lights. lol


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