Saturday, January 2, 2016

1st Day of Christmas - 7th Day of Christmas (Catching up a bit)

Vacation and Christmas are both flying by so swiftly! We're so sad to see the time slip through our hands... but it does march on, a fact of life.
*I'll be adding photos to this post, as I have time. Sorry for the less than exciting visual aspect at the moment. But please, do enjoy this photo of our finally decorated Christmas Tree! :)

The 12 Days of Christmas~ there is some question as to how exactly to count the days of Christmas. This year we've decided that Christmas Day is the Christmas Day, the 1st Day of Christmas is the 26th, and the 6th of January is the 12th Day, Epiphany...  and our anniversary~ so... here is a record of our days thus far:

Saturday, 1st Day of Christmas ~ Hanging out at home/with neighbors day~ a little bit of post Christmas Shopping, and picking up of gifts!

Gifts: Middlest used money earned by doing online surveys to purchase a used wii for his brother and sister. It came with one remote, so DH and I purchased 3 more remotes, and an inexpensive used wii game (That Eldest would like us to return), just so they could have the opportunity to try it out the first day. Wonderful next door neighbors offered 2 fun games for us to use instead, so that worked out well!
Another surprise ~ DH gave me (And everyone else...) a 32 inch flat screen tv~ it has inputs for various cables that aren't loose, etc... and takes up way less space than our old TV, so makes our room much more livable.
I gave DH some yummy cooking sauces that I purchased at the Boston Christmas Festival: La Maison Signature Cooking Sauces : Coconut Curry and Pomegranate Saffron.

Sunday, 2nd Day of Christmas ~ Gone from home all day as per our usual Sunday~ no present opening because there wasn't a lot of time. However, the designated presents for today were:
Hallmark ornaments for the kids, and glass ornaments also purchased at the Boston Christmas Festival in November.
DH gave me a long sleeve teal tee... 100% cotton! Yay!
and I gave him... yet another purchase from a Boston Christmas Festival vendor, FUDGE EVERYTHING! sauces~ Sea Salted Caramel, and Fudge. These are made in a small, localish town in MA~ Love supporting local businesses!

Monday, 3rd Day of Christmas
Eldest~ flopped present~ flip flops that don't fit her well~ this in preparation for her toe surgery next week~ she's been wearing mostly flip flops all fall/winter due to her unhappy great toe... going to take her out to pick up another pair that will actually work!
Middlest~ Mittens (Good for Shoveling and playing outside!)
Youngest~ Build your Snowman kit!
DH gave me a very soft light green sweater, and he received his very own Sonic Toothbrush (Oh, how the older kids wished it was a sonic screwdriver, but no... ;) boo-Who!)

Tuesday, 4th Day of Christmas
I gave DH 2 more barbecue sauces (Boston Christmas Festival played a big part in my immediate family purchases this year!)
DH gave me another soft cotton shirt~ More foresty green this time
Middlest~ Gatorade Sport Bottle (mostly for baseball)
Youngest~ Set of interactive Detective/spy books
Eldest ~ another flop~ oops! I was under the mistaken impression that her gorilla pod was broken~ however, it only has a misplaced piece... AND the one I purchased only works for cameras, NOT for ipods/smartphones... Oh well, some years definitely go better than others~

Wednesday, 5th Day of Christmas
Youngest~ "Toothless"  Dragon from Build-A-Bear
Middlest~ a selection of requested fishing lures/worms, etc...
Eldest~ Nick and Nora Light Blue Owl PJ's ~ She was SOOOO happy to get them!
DH gave me another soft sweater~ light blue!
Gave DH a case for his Kindle Fire

Thursday, 6th Day of Christmas/New Year's Eve: Out and about, gone all day, and presents didn't come traveling~ definitely a modified 12 days this year~ but again~ it's not all about the presents, it's about intentionally extending the celebration of Christmas, Love, the gift of Christ, Salvation, and the Joy, Hope and Peace that accepting HIS gift brings.
We went square-dancing with my brother and his family, and stayed overnight. We all were given stuffed animal ornaments that were decorating their tree, and some nifty rechargeable hand-warmers for the kids~ how nice!

Friday, 7th Day of Christmas/New Year's Day:
After a fantastic breakfast of french toast and bacon, the boys and I went with my brother to his shooting range. We shot his 16 gauge shotgun, a Smith and Wesson 357 38 special (Even youngest shot this one, not too bad of a kick), and another 38 special pistol.
Love this shot I pulled from video of Middlest shooting: Kind of pleased with the flame and the bullet speeding towards the target!

After that we spent a little time on their Humongous swing,
and then it was off in the car to drive 3-ish hours to see the other side of the family.
The kids received presents from family members there, so again, not a day we need to add presents to the pile (See how this works? It isn't a straight 12 presents from us...).


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