Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, 2015

Just a little post sharing some of our Christmas Eve/Christmas Day with you all. 

A couple of photos after the Christmas Eve service at Church: 

Tradition... 24 years(?) of Christmas Eve with our friends that are family...
Their tree is more decorated than ours right now... ;) 

Middlest received the "biggest" present~ wrapped with paper from our friend's neighbor~ specifically to wrap Middlest's presents in... how thoughtful! 

Eldest was feeling under the weather Christmas Eve morning... 
She was mostly upset about not being able to help out with preparations
I found something she could work on in bed... 
decorating these cute little snack jars before I filled them... didn't they turn out nicely? 

Christmas morning: well... full disclosure, actually afternoon~ 
we were home late from our friends, 
after the Christmas Eve service, dinner, and gifting...
Love that my olders don't mind getting stuffed animals~
they are just so cute peeking out of the top

Christmas "Breakfast" sausage and egg croissants, clementines, pomegranate seeds

Unusual New England Christmas Weather equals unusual activities
Our ENO's have grown from one to three! 
Love how easy and quick they are to set up! 
So fun to have strangers stop by and ask about them... ;) 
(I really think ENO should give me a commission... ;)) 

I also love that the double nest is "Communal"... we can fit 3! 

And since only one has a kayak... 
(See those blue paddles? That was what was in the big box!) 
it's a lovely spot to hang out and keep an eye on him. 

For my readers who don't know me well, my family does things a little differently when it comes to Christmas... we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas + (Christmas Eve to our anniversary on Epiphany)

Our tradition is Stockings, breakfast, and then one gift with a little "wow" factor afterwards. Each day following we do one more gift(ish) per person, ending up on our anniversary on January 6th. 

I have seen posts as early as last night, and throughout the day today~ 
"Christmas is over"
"time to pack everything away now" 
(some people are gleeful, with others you can hear their melancholy spirit)
"Post-Christmas let-down" 

it goes on... 
So... some folks are all done with "Christmas", and we're just getting started! 
Our tree hasn't even been totally decorated yet (I expect sometime in the next day or two... colds and lighting mishaps delayed us numerous times)... and we say 
"Christmas isn't over, it's just getting started..." 
We'll continue to enjoy the lights, the joy, and begin to feel the peace  of God 
as we look towards the New Year with hope. 
(I might recommend to those who experience depression and/or major letdown on December 26, consider celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas... 
it's great for many reasons!) 

I hope you enjoy this peek into our Christmas ~ 

Day 1

Youngest received a Lego City Police Set
Middlest received a certificate for a completely assembled 
fly fishing kit from Bass Pro Shops
Eldest received an ESV Journaling Bible(Something like this one)
and a set of Micron Pens
Amusingly enough, DH and I gave each other fire... 
And we had no idea~ neither of us suspected the other... 
He gave me a little electric fireplace (Sweet!)
and I gave him a Kindle Fire. ;) 

So~ enough for now

Back tomorrow with our gifts today (Boxing Day), 
and the 3rd day of Christmas, if I get my photos taken:) 


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