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CTC Math ~ the online math tutor with a lovely Aussie accent

In April 2014 I wrote a review for the CTC Math  12 Month Family Plan. Once again we were fortunate enough to receive a membership for review, and I was curious to see if there had been any changes to the program.

In case you don't have time to check out my previous review, I'll try to give a quick synopsis here. CTC Math offers a full online curriculum for grades K-6, and supplementary work/practice for those levels above 6th grade, all the way to 12th grade. (You can access a complete lesson list )

The basic format is online whiteboard lessons narrated by a male with a very pleasant and cheerful Aussie accent. The student can stop, rewind, replay, or fast forward (not recommended) through the lessons as necessary, in order to get the concept down.

After the video lesson there are questions to be answered, with built in progress reports and reward certificates based on proficiency. The progress reports are one area that has changed since we reviewed last year. Now it isn't necessary to complete each lesson three times in order to earn a certificate, certificates can be earned with high percentages the first time around. Hurrah! That got rid of some of the busy-work that my 2nd grader didn't enjoy (or need) last year, when he was motivated to earn those certificates.

You can see in some topics he completed the questions more than once, but others he was done with the first time around. You can also see that every section doesn't have to be completed at the same time~ in the money section he completed a lesson last year when he was working on first grade materials, but this addressed a topic that we were going over independent of his CTC lessons~  handy to know that your child can move up or down as it suits them, and all the work they do shows up in the reports!

This time around I had a little more time to check out the iPad option, and there are some things that I really like about that option. Oddly enough one of them is the reports page. Above is the detailed report. Below are a couple of sections that show his awards and progress:
The first is the one from the iPad:

 And these are from the computer interface:

I really like the look of the ones from the iPad! Nice upgrade, CTC!

Some things that haven't changed that I'd like to see~

There is still not much recognition for completing the diagnostic tests (I'd like to see certificates awarded for those... at least for the K-4th grade crowd).

The need to print out worksheets for the older students: My son still finds it clunky to print the worksheets, do the work, and then enter the answers on the computer. It would be nice to have an interactive workspace for the higher maths to do the work right there, somehow. However, this may not be realistic... pencil and paper may just be necessary for Algebra and beyond.

I do recommend checking out CTC Math to see their demo video and sample lesson, as well as checking out my first review which had a few more screen shots of the actual program. Then, I would suggest signing up for their free trial to test drive before you purchase (I love programs that offer that option!).

CTC Math is set up well for many learning styles~ the audio (narration) and the visual (whiteboard). For the younger children, certainly, there are also kinesthetic activities~ interactive dragging items to do the math. I am still very impressed with CTC Math, and think it could be a good fit for a variety of learning styles. For those who have larger families, it is also one of the most homeschool-friendly companies, with a generous discount and one price for 2-10 students.

Social Media: You can find CTC Math on Facebook

Not So Nutty Nitty Gritty 
  • Company: CTC Math
  • Product: 12 Month Family Plan
  • Ages: Kindergarten to Calculus
  • Price: Special homeschool prices ~ 60% off the regular price (access by clicking through the product link above).
    • $11.97 Single student 1 month (Recurring payment)
    • $50.80 Single student for 6 months
    • $78.80 Single student for 1 year
    • $15.97 Family plan (2 or more students) 1 month (Recurring payment)
    • $78.80 Family plan (2 or more students) for 6 months
    • $118.80 Family plan (2 or more students) for 1 year
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