Friday, September 19, 2014

Nuggets of Gold for Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy thar, and all me duty to ye matey's! 
Today be Talk like a Pirate Day. 
If ye'd care to join the carousin', read on.

(Quick disclaimer~ I am not in love with the concept of pirates, but it is a part of history, and the old Sea Salt vernacular could apply to many ship's captains, and adventurers, pirate or not. In light of that, and in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day...)

Treasure Island is available on Kindle for free... offers some interesting resources... (Parents~ don't let your youngsters loose to wander this site, and maybe just pull links from this page) There are a number of interesting options for the youngest pirates all the way through high school.

Here's a page with some coloring pages, mazes, dot-to-dots and more Busy Bee Kids Pirate Printables

DLTK  pirates has a nice selection of coloring pages and pirate related word tracing pages

Disney has some Jake and the Neverland Pirates coloring pages, crafts and activity books (including a backyard leaf treasure hunt... cute!)

Lucy Learns had a bunch of printables~ mazes, spot the difference, ship and flag coloring pages, Pirate history, and more... the site seems to be defunct, but you can still pull up some of the mazes if you search Lucy Learns Pirate Maze... (your mileage may vary on this one...)

1+1+1=1 has a great list of links has lesson plans that focus on pirates (Venn Diagram ideas and more)

Talk like a Pirate Tips from Mango Languages*:

Make sure to add extra Rs onto lots of words when speaking like a pirate. This will happen a lot at the end of words ending in a vowel, like when to turns to ter. Just remember, a pirate's favorite letter is ARRR!

Keep in mind that a pirate usually doesn't change the form of, or conjugate, the verb to be. If you want to sound like a true buccaneer, avoid using am, is or are! (The ship be founderin'!)

Pirate Cultural Note: The phrase Shiver me timbers! is thought to come from the feeling of shock from a ship running aground or being blasted by a cannon.

Pirate joke: Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet? Because they can spend years at C!

Side note: The Schoolhouse TOS Review Crew reviewed the homeschool edition of Mango Languages spring of 2014. I was not on that review, but you can check it out here. TOS Mango Reviews
*these tips were taken from the Mango Languages app that my Library offers

I be hopin' this add ter yer carousin and

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