Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Nuggets of Gold (New music by Chris August, and Jonny Diaz ~ Could June get any better? Keep reading...)

Ay-yi-yi! I wanted to post this earlier!!!

Chris August has a new album out, and New Release Today is offering one of his songs for free download till the 14th. Go download "Worry" from the album "Seasons."
You're welcome. ☺

(And in case you want to listen before you download... )

Probably my favorite song on the album is "Moonlight"~ this is sooooo gorgeous!
The musicality and intricacy is fantastic!

As always, Chris August delivers...  ☺

As I mentioned in my title, Jonny Diaz has new music~ an EP "Sweetness and Sorrow"

He says this is the song that resonates with him the most... 
(Listen all the way through... ☺)

Oh, and Steven Curtis has a new song out also!! WOOT!!!

I missed sharing For King and Country's new song that released in May...

This is a fun, rather retro (MTV-style?) music video~ 
We always have the option to


And if you prefer a less stylized/concept video, and want their live "energy," here is a unique single shot video from a concert in Florida...

One more thing to keep an eye out for...
Unspoken has a new single coming out on Friday! I don't have a link or any further information, but you know it will be good! 
And Francesca Battistelli has a new song coming out on Friday as well... 

So, I hope this gives you some things to listen to, and some new music to pick up, starting with that free Chris August tune.

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