Tuesday, November 8, 2016

After the Elections are over... Saving money with Groupon

A quick little sponsored post before all the holiday craziness kicks in (you know, once election day is over, the merchandising will begin, right? Because that is the way it goes in America…). All views and opinions expressed are my own.

I can often be found scouring the ‘Net for the best deals that will stretch my pennies the farthest. I have found a few really good coupons on Groupon for stores and activities in our area, but there is more to Groupon than that. Have you noticed Groupon Goods? There are some great items being sold at discounted rates, in many different categories, and I have used them for a few years to pick up some Christmas gifts that otherwise wouldn’t have been in my budget.

One of these speakers was great for my Irish Step Dancer
Fit into her warm up jacket, and gave her good quality tunes to practice to.
I was surprised recently to discover that there are more items available than just techie gifts and things. For instance, if you are redoing your bathroom, this might be a good place to shop around for a little more variety than the local home goods store. If I had a great tub, this would be on my wishlist! :)

I saw some amazing shower heads and nifty sink faucets at reduced prices.

I was browsing through the rest of the site again and saw a lot of cute winter boots and rain boots for 60% to 70%+ off regular prices. Woot! 

Their tech department is the one I’ve been most familiar with and they still have some nice offerings. I saw a refurbished flexible fitbit for a price that is more in my budget... wonder if it would be motivating...? ;) 

As with any store, there are some great bargains to be had, so when you’re shopping at home with your feet in your slippers, grateful to not be reading any more election posts and memes, Groupon is one place to check out. 


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