Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spring (? in February?) Homeschooling...Ice Chimes?

We've had some crazy weather this week (I think just about the whole country has), with balmy to frigid temperatures. What was crazy was the extremely fast change.
Check out this screenshot of the temperatures on Wednesday evening (midnight-ish).
We were at 58 degrees and just barely north of us it was 38 degrees.
Yowza! Strong winds and thunderstorms accompanied the 20 degree weather change, but they brought us a lovely afternoon. 

Middlest headed out in his Kayak to do some early fishing, now that the lake is *mostly* unfrozen. 

For Eldest, Youngest and I, this homeschool moment was brought to you by ENO (hammocks ~ and my yellow/blue one is on sale right now for $59.99) Childhood of Famous Americans, and Masterbooks Science's The Fossil Book.

It was very pleasant until the wind started to pick up again. Much of our time was spent enjoying our books (I had my kindle with me) to the sound of these "Ice Chimes."
It took me a while to figure out exactly what it was~ waves from the wind (and sometimes the boy in the kayak) were hitting the remaining border of ice, breaking off small chunks of ice which were then thrown agains the larger ice shelf, which resulted in this pleasant sound...

The wind did pick up as you can hear towards the end of the video, so we quickly packed our hammocks up, and headed home, right before another rainstorm swept through.
How was your weather this week??


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