Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Frenzy! (Fun, Friends, Fine Art(?) and Family)

My week was.... BUSY!!! ~ How about yours??? 

Here's just a glimpse ~ Field Trips to the Fair and the Apple Orchard, Night-time Pumpkins art class at Co-op, and a beautiful trip to VT for a lovely memorial service...

Now THAT'S a big Pumpkin!!! Almost 2000lbs! 
Watching chicks hatch
Educational sheep to shawl class
Pressing Apples for Cider
and the Carousel

Apple Picking at the Farm with about 60 of our homeschool peeps!
(Parents and kids~ What a great group!) 

Fun night-time etching for our co-op art class~ with a pumpkin theme! 
Didn't they do a fabulous job? 

And a couple of pictures from our quick trip to Vermont~ 
With time constraints we didn't have time to stop and take many photos,
but the day was GORGEOUS! 
More often the blue sky of the lower photo than the gray sky in the upper left... 
(pretty impressive rest area they have there!)
Such a sweet little white church~ 
loved the afghans on the pews in case anyone got chilled!  
I'll ask again, how was YOUR week? I'd love to hear! 
Looking forward to more autumn, but maybe fewer extra activities next week! 
It was FUN, but FRENZIED! 


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