Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nuggets of Gold (Missionary Story, Revolutionary Time Travel and a new song)

We've been busy with our last week of vacation before school starts, and time has really gone flying by! After camping last week we spent this week regrouping and relaxing for much of the time.

We unveiled our tie-Dye shirts from camping~ spent an afternoon at the beach, Eldest and I put in a long day at a Feis and then on to square dancing with "the cousins," while the boys and the dog were busy with a baseball game in the morning, the fall flea market down the street, and enjoying parts of our town's 375th birthday celebration (no photos from the boys' time... :(  )

Now it's time to get ready for our first day/week of school! :)

Here are a few nuggets to start you off:

By Canoe and Dog Train: The Adventures of Sharing the Gospel with Canadian Indians (Updated Edition. Includes Original Illustrations.) I haven't read this yet, but it looks like an interesting read for an older elementary age.

Timekeepers: A Revolutionary Tale is another that I plan to check out shortly~ a time travel story for the younger set.

And last but not least,  a bit of new music
that you can download from HearItFirst.
A new-to-me artist, Becca Bradley and her song The Lions Eyes. This is currently free for download if you submit your email address~

One more~ not a freebie, but a fun resource that you might be able to check out from the library or purchase used ~ I Hear America Singing!: Folksongs for American Families is a nostalgic CD/Book combo for my family~ it was a major part of the soundtrack to our 2006 Great American Road Trip. Eldest was reminded of it when looking up some of the tunes played at the square-dance. :)

Enjoy these nuggets! I'm going to go get some last-minute planning in for our first day of school, 2015/2016.


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