Thursday, August 20, 2015

Golden Nugget (Book Recommendations for late summer reading (YA/Adult))

Just a couple of quick recommendations for you... for the last couple of weeks of summer reading...

Although I never thought I'd be a huge fan of e-books, I have found my Kindle Paperwhite to be a wonderful tool when I want to read late at night without bothering my DH (whose extremely early work hours don't jive with our nightowl-ish tendencies), and has lightened my packing list for vacation weeks. It's also great for borrowing books on Overdrive when on vacation and youngest has read all the books he's packed (Ask me how I know!). I just noticed that Amazon has a great bundle for kids (or adults, really...) Check it out if you're in the market... Kindle for Kids Bundle with the latest Kindle, 2-Year Accident Protection, Kid-Friendly Blue Cover  ($99 and it doesn't include the "sponsored screen saver adds!)

On with the book recommendations

Last year I reviewed Dear Mr. Knightley ~ a book my daughter also enjoyed, so when she noticed that the Kindle version was on sale, I decided I needed to bring it back to my readers' attention. Dear Mr. Knightley: A Novel  is currently on sale, Kindle version for $1.99 through August 31.

The other is a book I borrowed on Overdrive through my library~ Lisette's List: A Novel by Susan Vreeland. This was a great WWII Fiction read with a focus on French artwork and some very interesting bits on specific artists (Pissarro, Cezanne, Chagall, and a litte bit of Picasso). It tells the story of Lisette and her list of "Hungers and Vows," sort of a "Bucket list" that helped her to get through the War years and those immediately following by doing "the important things first."

I learned more about art, beauty, and an appreciation for the raw materials behind the art by reading this lovely and well written novel. I also greatly appreciated that there were no gratuitous scenes thrown in to mar the beauty and spirit of this story.

Let me know if you've read either of these books, what you thought, or if you might pick them up. Also, I'd love to hear how you use your Kindle (if you have one), or whether you're interested in picking one up.


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