Saturday, April 25, 2015

From Boston to Guatemala and back

It's amazing how short and simultaneously how long a single week can be. 

One week ago I dropped my eldest off at the airport to send her off 
on her first international trip... 
without any blood relatives along, I might add... 

With the exception of a couple of photos after she arrived...

and a little messaging later that evening, 
we didn't hear from her until last night. 

The team spent most of their time at a children's camp located on a mountainside, 
Where they engaged with 11-13 year olds 
(who were experiencing their first time away from home).
They also planted avocado trees and painted some. 

Heading off to the airport to pick her up before today turns to tomorrow~ 

Thank you to all who supported and prayed, 
As they put feet and hands and hearts to 

I hope to have a wrap-up of the trip to post at a future date. 


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