Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sending my not-so-little-anymore girl to Guatemala

My Eldest child is heading out of the country without me... She's heading to Guatemala for a week of working with children from a small village at "spring camp" (vs "summer camp"). Should be a far cry from the snow we've had this winter...

This is a huge leap of faith on her part, as well as our own~ trusting that God will provide the funds, and keep she and her fellow travelers safe. It's always interesting, stretching beyond your comfort zone. ;)

So~ what has she been doing in preparation?
She has applied herself mightily to learning some Spanish via our Library's Mango Languages program.
She has also had to send out support letters to friends and family (it's never fun asking for money...).
And we came up with a fundraising idea which uses her artistic talents! She drew a design that incorporates the country of Guatemala, it's children, flora, and Scripture.
which has been translated to a t-shirt fundraiser

If you'd like an original artwork t-shirt, AND would like to support a good cause, 
we would definitely appreciate your supporting her trip. 

If you are interested in using Bonfire as a fundraiser yourself, please consider using our referral link when you create an account...


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