Monday, April 22, 2013

Compass Classroom (Visual Latin) Store~ 30% off through Wednesday

Compass Classroom Spring SaleHello friends~

Our minds weren't turned towards curriculum and sales last week, due to the horrific local events that made world news, so I missed getting this information up for you in a more timely manner.

Because I do *so* Enjoy Visual Latin and Dwane Thomas I did want to make sure that I posted this 30% off sale information before it ended, since this is the beginning of the curriculum purchasing season for 2013/2014.

If you aren't familiar with Visual Latin, please check out my 2011 review of their materials ~ (Even Boys like this Latin!)
2 years later we still Love, Love, Love this Latin! :)

Please notice that the entire Compass Classroom store is on sale, not just the Visual Latin products. I have not checked out their economics or history products just yet, but they have sparked my interest. :)

Hope this helps you save a few pennies! :)


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