Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! 

We had a lovely Christmas Eve.

Service at church and then delightful evening spent with friends. We've shared Christmas Eve with them for YEARS, since BEFORE the girls were born! Yummy food, Charades, Mad Libs, Presents and Laughter! 


Christmas Morning.....  The stockings were laid on the love seat with care.... :) 'round about 7am...

And the presents surrounded the tree....

Eldest (Who was a very helpful elf) decided NOT to go to sleep @ 7am for fear of missing the whole day, and spent some time sending out electronic greetings and chatted with friends who were just getting up!  (She did manage a 3hr nap from 5pm-8pm...)
Now for the traditional shot of the kids at the top of the stairs... (Please ignore the red-eyes... I edited them out in iphoto, but google+ didn't keep the edits for some reason! :(  ) 

The PJ's aren't misleading on eldest, as you can see in the first photo that she put them on Christmas Eve (Even if she didn't actually SLEEP in them!)
More video taken than photos on Christmas morning, but I did get one good shot...

Hoping that you and yours are enjoying celebrating the love and light that came down at Christmas!



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