Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful~ Days 3-8 (catching up!)

Whoops! Got a little behind! 

Day 3 ~ Thankful for my steady, loving sweetheart

Day 4 ~ This lovely young lady

Day 5 ~ Charming lad (everyone's Best Friend!)

Day 6 ~ One who brings laughter to our lives 

Day 7 ~ The group of them together that just make me smile! 
So grateful that homeschooling means 
I get to spend every day with them!
Day 8 ~  No photo for this one~ although I am not happy about the outcome of the election, I AM thankful that I have grown up in a country that has a history of protecting our freedom to worship God as we see fit, to share our faith, and to have a say in our government.


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