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ArtAchieve Entire Level III (Online Art Class Review)

Last summer you may recall that I reviewed Level II of ArtAchieve. This spring we were given the opportunity to review another level, so I chose to go up to Entire Level III. This level is intended for students aged 9 and up, so my youngest is on the very earliest edge recommended for these lessons.

The third level includes the following lessons/supplies:

  • The Hawaiin Frog - oil pastels
  • The African Crowned Crane - fine tipped black magic marker, acrylics and paint pens
  • The Chinese Horse: Drawing the Horse's Head - red paper, fine tipped black magic marker, gold paint pen (optional), charcoal white pencil
  • The Face from The Gambia - drawing pencils
  • The Pacific Northwest Totem Pole - fine tipped black magic marker
  • The Eastern European Firebird- colored markers, colored pencils
  • The Wood Carving from Kenya - fine tipped black magic marker, paint pens
  • Kadinsky and Color Mixing - pencil, acrylic paint
  • The Nine-Banded Armadillo - fine tipped black magic marker, shoe polish, glue, tacky glue
  • The Russian Matryoshka - pencil, acrylic paint
  • The Canada Goose - fine tipped black magic marker, watercolors, oil pastels
  • DaVinci's Clock - cardboard, black acrylic paint, oil pastels
  • Let's Make a Movie - (No power point version of this lesson) 
I gave him his pick of projects to try out and he chose to try The Chinese Horse project first. I tend to use the powerpoint versions of the lessons over the video versions, as this allows my son to go through the instruction at his own pace, advancing to each slide as he is ready to go. He most often accesses them on the iPad, but we do use the computer as well.

Here are pictures of his progress with this project, from the "Drawing Warm-up" (a staple of the Art Achieve Program) to the completed drawing.

The next project he wanted to tackle was The Hawaiian Frog, using oil pastels. Having enjoyed his time with the chalk pastels earlier this year, this was another version that he was interested in.

He once again went through the warmups and slides more or less on his own.

I reminded him to adjust the pressure on the pastels (Just like with the chalk pastels) so that he was drawing more lightly than his initial stokes, allowing the paper to come through a bit.

Just for the fun of it, I decided to do this one also~
My quick attempt for fun
Sample Screenshot of Powerpoint Slide for this lesson

I mentioned briefly in my first review that Art Achieve offers cross-curricular connections including social studies, science, and language arts ~ as an example, here is what is included for this particular lesson:

(Note: The "history" reading selection for advanced readers links to James Michener's Hawaii ~ definitely advanced reading! ) Because we've already studied frogs we didn't take full advantage of these go-alongs, but it is nice to know they are included. I will also mention that this information is found on the Lesson Description Page for each project as shown above, on the public side of the website. Somewhat counter-intuitive for me once logged in, as I would prefer to have all the information for the lesson located in one place.

I will add the same note here that I included in my first review: the videos and instructions in the powerpoints recommend some "Focusing" exercises, not speaking, and playing music while doing the projects. We found those to be take-it-or-leave-it recommendations, based on personality. :)

Once again, we have enjoyed the final product of these lessons, and expect that anyone who tries them will meet with similar success.

Not So Nutty Nitty Gritty 
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