Friday, November 11, 2016

Be Responsible! Be Kind! (Quit it with the temper tantrums and bullying already!)

Folks~ One of the first "Rules" children learn, One of the first "Rules" that has shown up in every society, in every time period in history, is casually being tossed aside by many of our fellow countrymen, on BOTH sides of the discussion.

It isn't cool, people... and it's unAmerican to boot! One of the great characteristics and strengths of our country is the fact that it is a great melting pot. Don't minimize, undermine, and destroy that greatness!

No matter which candidate won, we would be stuck with an imperfect President who appears to have prejudices towards a variety of people. HIlary and Donald have both said and done awful things, but that doesn't mean it's OK to attack the supporters of either one. Their behaviors do not legitimize your bad behavior.

Back to that "Rule" I mentioned above~ I *hope* people are still familiar with it... it's been around in written word since the time of the Ancient Greeks and before.

Remember "The Golden Rule" ? ~ the core of common courtesy, decency, and civilization...?

"Do to others as you would have them do to you."

I assume we all would like to be treated kindly, and with respect

It doesn't say be kind and respectful to those who agree with you
It doesn't say be kind and respectful to those with the same color skin, eyes, or hair
It doesn't say be kind and respectful to those who speak the same language
It doesn't say be kind and respectful to those who have the same faith

There is no category that isn't included
"Others" = everyone that isn't you!

Trump Voters~ come on already!

One of the things I attribute to the Saul Alinsky principles we have seen put into play over the past 8 years has been the increase in distrust and hatred between many demographics and labels. I had hoped that this was one of the things you voted against... that you wanted to see the citizens of this country as AMERICANS, and an end to the hate and violence.

And while I'm seeing (mostly) GRACE and LOVE on *my* FB newsfeed, I understand that many others have newsfeeds that look far different. That makes me incredibly sad, and appalled. Be an example! Do Good! Speak Kindness! Show Love!

Trump Haters~ Stop it!

If you want change you have to *be* the change. If you are angered by slurs and abuse, don't you think it's hypocritical to engage in it yourselves?

I have another saying for you (That I hope your parents taught you)

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

The great men and women of history (of all colors), the heroes of the past, were people of character and dignity. Be like them!

Looting, Rioting, Beating up those who aren't "like you" is not any way to solve problems.

Ask any mother you happen to see~ the behavior from the extreme sides of both the Right and the Left is that of a toddler having a tantrum, and/or a bully. (And sadly, we saw that behavior exhibited by BOTH candidates on the campaign trail, so I can't say look up to their good examples~ be better than they are!)

TIME OUT! Be Responsible!!!


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