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Beric The Briton: A Review (Heirloom Audio Productionsdoes it again!)

If you've been reading my blog for very long, you will have likely run across reviews for
a variety of Heirloom Audio Productions  G.A Henty dramatizations: The Dragon and the Raven, With Lee in Virginia, In Freedom's Cause, in fact, the only one in the series that I have not reviewed is Under Drake's Flag. My teen son has greatly enjoyed listening to these audio dramas (He prefers that to reading them, in part because he loves listening to the fantastic voices of the actors), so he was greatly pleased that we were recently sent Beric The Briton for review.

We were all impressed with the cast line-up for this particular drama, as it includes the following greats:
Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Tarzan, King Lear)
Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity, Braveheart)
Tom Baker (Dr. Who)
Honeysuckle Weeks (Foyle's War)
Cathy Sara (Downton Abbey)
John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones)

Nothing makes a good story come alive so well as amazing actors and voices!
After listening to some of this audio, my son mentioned that he remembered placing specific Minecraft tiles while listening to specific conversations. I love that sort of memory recall, just another benefit to listening to audio presentations. :)

I'm not going to go majorly into the storyline, other than to say that contrary to what the title might suggest, it is mostly set in Rome during the time of Nero. What I will say is that once again, Heirloom Audio Productions has presented an A+ Class production, with quality actors, musicians and recording. Beric the Briton harks back to the times of the radio dramas of yesteryear. Days when children and parents used their imagination to fill in the visuals for what they were listening to.

I also want to briefly mention the bonus study guide. While the study guides tend not to be geared for high school students, they is some additional historical context information included as well as some discussion questions that can be of benefit for the entire family.

I also want to mention the "Family 4-pack" purchase option. This is a great idea for a gift, AND one of the other bonus items included in this pack is a pdf e-book of Beric the Briton, delightfully formatted by Heirloom Audio Productions. This should give you an idea of what it looks like ~ nice, no?

If you spend a lot of time in the car, listening to Heirloom Audio Productions' audio dramas can be a great family bonding experience. It is also a good fit for those who are auditory learners, and an exercise in using imagination for everyone!

Not So Nutty Nitty Gritty 
  • Company: Heirloom Audio Productions  
  • Product: Beric The Briton
  • Ages: Elementary-Adult (As with all Henty titles, I err on the side of saying 9-11+)
  • Price: Multiple options include
    • $19.97 MP3 Download  Bonuses- 50 page Study Guide, Printable Poster
    • $29.97 Single Pack DVD Bonuses above + Downloadable MP3 Soundtrack AND instant access MP3 download
    • $99.97 Family Four Pack Bonuses above + Unlimited access to The Live Adventure e-newsletter, Beautifully formatted original Henty Beric the Britan ebook, Printable Promo poster, access Behind the Scenes Documentary
You can visit a variety of Heirloom Audio Productions Social Media Pages:
Beric the Briton FaceBook Page
The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty series FaceBook Page
Heirloom Audio Productions Facebook Page, Twitter, Google+, Instagram

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