Saturday, January 9, 2016

8th - 12th Days of Christmas and the tree is still up, and looking fine!

Well, this year's Christmas vacation, 12 Days and all that have been a little more scrambled than usual. We didn't even get our Christmas cards out, so now they're going to be Happy New Year, we've been thinking of you cards! :)

Saturday, 8th Day of Christmas
A resting and recuperating day from galavanting the previous 2 days. :)
Eldest/Middlest: LED Lanterns for camping~ These are SUPER bright. Love the way they turn on, just by sliding the top up. The brightness is controlled by how far they are opened. Might want to make a shade of some sort to dim them for use in tents...
Youngest: Make 'n Break game~ ARGH! Haven't had a chance to play this with all of the goings on, but planning to pull it out tomorrow and give it a whirl. Looks like fun!
Me: something from my Amazon wish list... a non-electric waffle iron! :D Can't wait to use it (But it didn't arrive till Wednesday, so haven't gotten to it just yet)
DH: a pretty red tie :) He has ties in most other colors, but not his favorite~ it was about time!


Sunday, 9th Day of Christmas
Typical Sunday~ off to church, and then spending time with friends. Nicely mellow.
Eldest: Owl Shirt ~ this had been in hiding since this summer's camping trip when DH and I ran across it. :)
Middlest and Youngest: Minecraft Periodic Table T-shirts ~ These are just fun, and an interesting introduction to the periodic table for Youngest.
Me: Another wishlist item, an AeroPress coffee maker~ I've been using it all week for my morning cup of coffee~ it works with all the finely ground coffee I have hanging around that just plugs up the Keurig. Not quite as simple as the Keurig, but not much more effort, and it makes a very SMOOTH cup of coffee.
DH: a box of assorted chocolate bars and jelly beans~ Chocolate requires no explanation. ;)
Monday, 10th Day of Christmas
Kind of funny still celebrating when "life" goes back to normal, but return to normal was the mode today (Well, for all but Eldest, who was preparing to be immobile for a few days re: toe bone spur surgery).
Eldest: Charm from Daddy~ gorgeous purple swarovski hummingbird. This is a tradition that DH started when Eldest was about 5? So fun to see her array of charms, that she switches on and off chains as they go with her clothing choices.
Middlest: Life Straw ~ not sure if my germaphobe will actually work up the nerve to use this, but he wanted it, so now he has it. ;)
Youngest: Adventures in Odyssey Book Set ~ he's so happy with these books! Hurrah!
Me: an old wishlist item, a folkie CD~ Greenfields


Tuesday, 11th Day of Christmas 
~ This was a really mixed up day, as Eldest and I left the house at 7:15am for her toe/bone spur surgery, and didn't get home until closer to noon, and that was the beginning of pain management and antibiotic meds on different schedules. Made *me* fuzzy-headed. However, we still opened presents before bed...
Eldest: Fun and sparkly tank tops ~ since these are the foundation of her wardrobe in every season it's always fun to something new and fresh.
Middlest: Fishing Hat~ so cute!
Youngest: Glockenspiel
Wednesday,  12th Day of Christmas
Apparently Amazon
doesn't carry the blue one!
~ Epihany/Anniversary ~ Still in operation recovery mode, which made for a quiet celebration. Take out Thai food for dinner, and some gorgeous flowers!
Eldest was the main gift-giver today, with a promised t-shirt for her middle brother, and a t-shirt and mini remote car that drives with an app for her littlest brother.
She received her first pair of shiny buckles for her Irish Dance hard shoes.

Because of various factors, I hadn't been able to get out and about to purchase the last couple of gifts for DH, so I ran out quick on Thursday when Eldest was having a Movie-marathon with her best friend (To get her mind off the pain in her toe), and picked up a planned for pair of socks (yes... he wanted socks for Christmas!) and a fun Tervis cup for his coffee. The socks are fodder for a future post... ;)

Please note: most of the pictures are clickable links to Amazon or other affiliate stores. I like to include those for readers and/or friends who are interested in purchasing similar items. I actually only acquired a few items from Amazon, often using Swagbucks and Amex cash back for those.  Others were purchased at local stores, throughout the year, sometimes with bonus dollars off, or sales or coupons, which made this particular Christmas much less expensive than it might appear!

Please do let me know in the comments if you find this sort of peek into our lives celebrations interesting! :)


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