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Progeny Press~ To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide Review

As I mentioned in my review yesterday for Progeny Press' Sam the Minuteman, I have been blessed to review for Progeny Press a number of times. In 2012 we reviewed Pride and Prejudice and The Bronze Bow, in 2013 we reviewed The Hobbit and Treasure Island, and in 2014 we reviewed Hunger Games and The Giver. I think it is VERY safe to say that Progeny Press is among my very favorite products that we have received as part of the TOS Review Crew.  In-between reviews we have purchased the study guides for Amos Fortune Free Man, A Wrinkle in Time, and Jane Eyre, and I have my eyes on more. These are fantastic, well-rounded literature curriculum guides written from a Christian Worldview, which in my opinion is very important when delving into world literature.

I found it very opportune that we were offered the study guide for To Kill A Mockingbird for review this fall. Believe it or not, this one one of those classic books which hadn't made its way into my reading stack as a student or young adult. I finally had the chance to read it this summer, and decided that it was a must read for my senior+ .

We found this particular guide was not set up quite the same as the others that we have reviewed at the high school level, in that it did not include a "Think About the Story" group of questions for each section (However, the Dig Deeper section included comparable sorts of questions). Other than that it was fairly similar~

  • Literary Elements are discussed as they show up~ setting, characters, etc...  
  • Vocabulary for each set of chapters~ this was one of my daughter's favorite sections this time around. She ran into a number of words with which she wasn't familiar, and has been enjoying adding some of them to her personal arsenal. 
  • Dig Deeper sections~ once again the portion of the study guide that I find to be very helpful, particularly when reading literature that may or may not have been written by someone with a Christian Worldview. This is where bits and pieces of "humanity" are picked out, whether good or evil, and looked at through the lens of the Bible.  For instance, it is pointed out that Atticus Finch is a man of integrity, which is a very small point in the novel, but a very important point overall (as it carries through the story, as well as being an important trait to cultivate)

I should mention here that we received the e-book version of this study guide for review. This is an interactive pdf file that can be typed into directly (Which as I have mentioned in previous reviews is a GREAT option for my Middlest child). However, my Eldest doesn't want to be tied to a computer when doing her literature, so we have chosen to have her access the pdf file from the ipad, and write her answers directly into a notebook. Much more portable that way. :) So nice to have both of those options as well as the "write directly on the pdf file"  in the pdf-notes app option as referenced in my review of Sam the Minuteman with Youngest.

I really can't say enough good about Progeny Press study guides for literature. They are THAT good.

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