Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pencil Sharpeners come in Purple??? (Review)

For all my friends who love to use real pencils, either graphite or colored... a good pencil sharpener is hard to find, and a good pencil sharpener in a popular shade like purple has been next to impossible to find, until now!

I don't know if you recall my review of the Red Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener almost 2 years ago. Please go check it out... I still stand behind everything I had to say ~ my pencil sharpener has been used regularly and is still going strong~ which must be a record for me and my household!

With that, I would like to introduce Classroom Friendly's brand new color option
Chosen via reader/customer poll:

Popular Purple! 

Isn't it pretty?  

How delightful to have a practical pencil sharpener in an array of colors. 

Next we're hoping to see a TEAL pencil sharpener in the line-up! :) 

I brought both pencil sharpeners to my art co-op class, as I knew we were going to be using a LOT of colored pencil~ so funny that the pencil sharpener ended up being almost more of a hit with the PreK/K crowd, over the the actual art project!
"Hey, can I sharpen my pencil?" 
"The tip on this pencil broke, can I sharpen it?" 
"My turn! I want to use the sharpener!" 

So... pretty color(s), practical, excellent engineering, a sharpener that does its job, and does it well!

Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpeners are an excellent purchase for anyone who regularly uses a sharpener~ homeschoolers, classroom teachers, artists... and any home, really! If you're tired of buying batteries, or buying new pencil sharpeners, year after year (Sometimes month after month...) you should check it out~ I think you might love your Classroom Friendly Sharpener (in a nice variety of colors) just as much as I do mine! :)


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