Saturday, March 21, 2015

Musical Nuggets for you (YouTube and "art" Style) Take 2

Returning to the concert fan art (Drawn by my eldest)/ favorite songs posts...


From his new album (releasing April 7, 2015) ~ a gorgeous new song...
You may have heard it on the radio~
if not, I assume you will... 

Note from Chris on this single: When I sat down to write "The Maker" I just wanted a reminder that the Creator of everything not only created me, but also loves me. It blows my mind when I Stop to think about the One who spoke the universe into existence, who parted the Red Sea and who rose from the grave, is the same One who lives inside of me. I know we go through a lot in this life, trials and joy and everything in between, but how awesome that through it all, we can say: "I love The Maker, and The Maker loves me." 


This is a great song in and of itself, and the story behind it is just amazing!
We heard it when we saw her in concert last fall.
You can read her interview with New Release Tuesday to hear it for yourself.

Fun Fact~ Eldest gave Unspoken copies of her artwork on cardstock...
When they were done signing autographs for the evening,
Ariel came up to her to ask for *her* autograph with big sharpie
(She had already put her artist signature on it, so that was really sweet!) 
Again~ These fellows are just fantastic songwriters
with a great sound and message.
Bonus! Their mp3 album is on sale on Amazon right now!


What are some of your favorite artists? How about favorite songs from THESE artists? Are they the same as mine, or different?


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