Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Organic Girl Greens McGyver Meatball Salad! (Recipe)

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some new organic greens from Organic Girl. We received the Supergreens and vive la France! Greens. The Supergreens were used in wraps and as a couple of small quick salads. YUM! I was impressed with how fresh they were!
For the vive la France! greens I made what my husband likes to call a "McGyver" salad~ it was a Friday, end of the week, and not much left in the fridge, so I made do with what we had, and it was a hit!

First I sliced and saute'ed the last 4 mushrooms in the veggie drawer in some butter. (Still loving my Cuisinart Chef's Classic Skillet , BTW. Really... after a year+ these are the pans I reach for!)

The next ingredient I pulled out was a bunch of radishes. Because I have some eaters who don't care for the "spicy" of radishes, I decided to saute' them as well. We were all very pleasantly surprised by the rather nutty flavor the radishes developed (OK, the 6 year old wasn't impressed, but everyone else was... one of those "so glad I thought of this" culinary moments).

I also "Toasted" a handful of pecans after I was done with the mushrooms and radishes.

Next up, we had a package of Al Fresco Chicken Meatballs (Tomato Basil, I believe). I sliced them up and browned the slices in the skillet.

Then it was time to make the salad.
The Organic Girl greens have been "washed 3 times so you don't have to," and I believe it! Don't those just make your mouth water?
Each plate was filled with:

  • Organic Girl vive la France! greens
  • A sprinkling of the end of our Hollandse Chevre (A dutch goat cheese that is a definite favorite in our house) finely grated
  • A decent portion of meatballs
  • Some mushrooms, radishes and pecans
  • I chose to dress it simply with a high quality olive oil
and voila' my McGyver Meatball Salad ~ a tasty main dish salad. The flavors melded incredibly well together, and we were still remarking how delicious is was much later that evening. One of those meals where we didn't want to eat anything else because it tasted so good!
Thank you Organic Girl and Mom Bloggers Club for the opportunity to try these greens! They not only tasted great, but were amazingly fresh, and held their quality for much longer than I am accustomed to!

What sort of main dish salad could *you* make with the ingredients currently in your kitchen?


Disclosure: I received free product from Organic Girl and Mom Bloggers Club in order to create a recipe to share with my readers. I am disclosing this information in compliance with FTC rules and regulations. 

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