Saturday, October 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday~ Write

Five Minute Friday


Write~ For five minutes~ for five hours~ for five days, for five weeks, five months, maybe even five years....

Writing for fun (Really! Some people do!). Writing for work (Much more typical).
Some people are blessed to write both for work and for fun! (my cyber-
friend Eisley Jacobs comes to mind, as does homeschool/family mentor Sally Clarkson)

I write when I have something to say~ whether I'm writing a review, or sharing a something that I find interesting or funny. Really ~ it generally takes me much more than five minutes ,most times, to write what I want to really say, in the way I want to say it... but on Five Minute Fridays~ I try to give it my best shot.

I won't be writing anything like a novel or a short story, or an essay in five minutes, but maybe I can write something of worth:


God wrote on stone tablets ~ and a wall ~ and Jesus wrote in the dust~ none of these took a lot of time (Well, Moses WAS on the mountain for 40 days and nights, but I doubt it took God that long...).

What can I write?  His words on the tablet of my heart(Prov 7:3), and if possible to write something that will be a blessing to others. EEK! What a lofty endeavor!

What will YOU write? 


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  1. Hello from five minute friday!! :) I am the same. I write with the same intentions you have, and often I don't know what to write about until it happens. As I wrote though, if you can encourage another, touch another, or make another laugh for anything you write.. just one person.. its worth it. :) So keep on writing sista! :)


Thanks so much for letting me know you were here. I appreciate "thoughtful" comments. :)


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