Friday, December 28, 2012

On The 3rd Day of Christmas.... toys, games and crafts!

Today we had a delightful time with the kiddles~ 

Youngest received more pieces to go with his playmobil fire engine, Middlest received a full-size version of Mastermind (we only had a travel-sized version...), and Eldest received a bulky roll of yarn to finger crochet into a scarf, and coordinating raw materials for me to knit/felt into a new pair of mittens, and possibly a hat (with ear flaps? I'll try!) :) 

While Middlest and I were out shopping (He still needed to get Daddy a gift...) Eldest captured a shot of the amazing moon as it rose over the lake. My camera is very "point and shoot," so I'm fairly impressed that this came out so nicely! 

Dinner tonight? Potato Soup with Ham.... love remaking leftovers into something new! :)  Happy Third Day of Christmas


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