Friday, December 28, 2012

2nd Day of Christmas 2012 (Thursday)

The Second Day of  Christmas brought a very lazy day here at the house. Since we weren't getting snow, but lots of rain and sludgy yuck, it was a good day to stay inside!

 After breakfast, presents were opened and enjoyed.Youngest was almost as excited to open his package, as Eldest and Middlest  were to give it to him...

They went in together to get him a playmobil fire station. Eldest received new owl PJ's, and Middlest got a new yo-yo that lights up. Wish there was a way to show just how cool that yo-yo is! Might have to take some video in the dark at some point. :) But not right now


An out-of-the-ordinary occurrencewe went to a JV and then Varsity hockey game~ with 2 neighbors playing JV, and one on the Varisty team. Fun stuff! 

(Notice the math problem on the jerseys~ 23-13=10 (goalie's #) :) 


Finishing up the evening, we watched "The Polar Express".... forgot just how long that movie was!  

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