Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 4 Of Five Days of Favorite Freebies (curriculum, worksheet, and "practice" sites)

Well, the week is winding down~ Have you been having fun reading all the posts being put out by the TOS Review Crew team? I sure hope so! Remember to click on the banner/button at the end of this post to visit many more blogs. :) And to catch up on my posts on Favorite Freebies, you can visit the following links:

Today I'm going to highlight some of my favorite places to pick up free curriculum, and various "practice" sites. 
  • Homeschool Share ~ Literature-based unit studies/ lapbooks ~ LOVE my friends who run this site. What an awesome resource they are for the homeschool community! 
  • Currclick~ every week there is a new free download~ great way to "test-drive" products from a variety of vendors. 
  • Ambleside Online (Charlotte Mason learning~ schedules and booklists)  
  • Kahn Academy  math, science and humanities tutorials~ (Not from a Christian worldview 
  • e-learninglinks is a huge resource page with all sorts of free resources for homeschoolers. One of my favorite finds there are the Apologia Science resources (Found under the "Science" tab).
 I am also a huge fan of The Handbook of Nature Study Outdoor Hour Challenges. What a great inspiration to get outside!

The  Learning Page ~ Free worksheets with themed graphics for Pre-K through 3rd Grade. These worksheets cover math, language arts, and Science. I have been using these since Eldest (14) was in K or 1st grade~
Here's an example of a page from the science pack on Black Holes.
Dance-Mat Typing ~ a goofy cartoon keyboarding program hosted by the BBC~ This is a fun typing program, and it works pretty well! My kids loved it, although the dancing hippos were a little odd. (Ages 7-11) 

Guest Hollow Guest Hollow ~ This page links to their American History 2 page, target grade 2-8. There are other (history, science and math)offerings as well, but this was the one I was most interested in.  
Chem4Kids ~ I love the periodic table on this site~ click on each element to see a rebus of the name~

I know that there are MANY more resources out there, but I thought I'd lighlight some of *my* favorites ~ it's amazing what is on the World Wide Web, and I applaud those who freely share their creativity and work.

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