Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"A" is for Adaptable

PhotobucketI'm going to start participating in a new weekly Meme: "Blogging through the Alphabet"
I'm not sure exactly where I'll go with this~ some weeks may be homeschool related, others recipe related, and sometimes I might throw something entirely different in there~ we shall see!

For starters~
"A" is for Adaptable
In every aspect of life it is a useful ability to be adaptable~ able to adjust to new conditions, OR to modify something for a new purpose.

Let's find some things that are adaptable in my home, shall we?

Leftovers are extremely adaptable~
Those last bits of Chinese or BBQ dinners end up showing us a new face as the toppings for pizza the next night.
Leftover vegetables or meats become the base for soups which then get turned into a sauce for pasta or a casserole.
I find that "Adaptable" leftovers are much more interesting than "The same thing twice"~ how about you?

Curriculum is adaptable~
My favorite curricula are very adaptable ~ Five In a Row would be my favorite illustration. The manuals contain more information and discussion that you will ever need to go through in one sitting~ so you adapt it to what suits your child's interest, age, and ability. It took me a few years to figure out that we can shape the curriculum to suit our needs, we don't have to be controlled by it!

Furniture and toys are adaptable~
Anyone who lives with children understands this~ the loveseat becomes a fire engine, the table is a wild animal den, Playmobil people play with Lego guys who play with Schleich animals~ it's all good and can be used for more than the intended purpose!

People can be adaptable~
This is one of the more important things I try to teach my children~ That regardless of the circumstance in which they find themselves, they should be willing to be adaptable~ to make the best of any given situation~ to be flexible.  If we have God with us and in us, we should be~ adaptable

Hebrews 13:5 
Be content with such things as you have. 
For He has said "I will never leave you nor forsake you."



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