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Forts! Castles! Hideaways! Toydle!

Hey, friends~

Remember this post from before Christmas? About the Toydle Fort? ~ Well, I can share some more now!

Some presents are too big to go under the treeSome presents are REALLY Heavy!
First off, I was sent the BIG Toydle Fort to play build with, and I gave it to the two boys for their 2nd day of Christmas present (only because I knew we wouldn't have time to use it on Christmas Day). See that big box on the right side of the tree?? Wow, it's heavy!

What's inside?A red bag~ just what I wanted! :)

Wonder what's inside? Hey, a red bag! Just what we wanted! But what's inside the bag????

cool! PVC and wood!Most excellent building materials for kids of all ages! PVC pipes and wooden blocks (Not to mention some nifty little clamps to hold the "Sides and tops" of the fort on)! Really, what boy (Or girl, for that matter) wouldn't have a blast with these "almost-raw" building materials???

Everyone gets involvedBuilding commenced in our little "Extra Room" on the 3rd floor, which had fairly open floor space as it was used as a wrapping station for Christmas!

peek-a-booA Fun place to hide (Notice the sheets and sarongs nicely held to the structure to create a ceiling and semi-walls~ Have to rustle up some more if we want to make a more impenetrable fort). Doesn't the sun shining through the skylight look fabulous??? I love it!

Makes for a cozy spot to read to a little brother, or make up a fantastic game.

A cozy castle?
The Fort has become something of the daily "School spot" for eldest~ gives her a cozy, quiet place away from youngest to do her math and science("No photos, PLEASE, Mom!").

General setup without the "curtains"However, this weekend it was transformed again! The "walls" were rolled up (but the ceiling stayed), and the grids became separate areas for various playmobil vignettes. Youngest is hoping to actually PLAY now that everything has been set up! Here are a few photos so you can get an idea of how each square can accommodate  a different world.

Santa Rescue/Horse ranchYou have your basic forest home, Fire rescue trucks

Band concertA Ranch, a concert,
100_1772and Middlest's dream home with a skate park right outside the front door! (Not quite sure what the boat is doing... must be in drydock for repairs...???)

Santa Rescue
I love the firefighters putting on a rescue operation (with a helicopter, even!) to get a stuck Santa out of the chimney.... ;)

 The possibilities are fairly endless here. Once I convince them that it is OK to take this structure down, I'd love to create three little "Single-square" homes, complete with sides, so that they can have a quiet cozy spot to read. We're also toying with the idea of tunnel/maze, but I'm not sure that will happen until we can take this outdoors for an afternoon.

I can't think of anything we don't like about our Toydle Fort other than the desire to have MORE to build with! (Isn't that the way with almost ALL "Building" toys???) Of course, then we'd need to get more HOUSE to build IN! :D

As a reminder, here is all the information that you need to get in touch with the fine folks at Toydle, just in case there is some Christmas gift money floating around, just waiting to be spent. ;)

Toydle Forts~
Made in the USA
Open-ended, Creative fun

All Toydle Forts are constructed with
  • Hand made wooden blocks 3” sq. made with high quality, laminated poplar.
  • High Quality PVC tubes 29” long & 1/2in wide.
All Toydle Forts include an industrial strength storage bag.
All Toydle Forts include clips to help secure your sheets and blankets.

Two sizes~
The Toydle Fort~ $149 Build to 45 square feet! (pictured above)
The BIG Toydle Fort~ $229 Build to 90 square feet!
You can visit TOYDLE on Facebook, and Twitter, as well as exploring their website.

As always, I hope that you enjoyed this review (We sure did!). To see how other people/children utilized these plastic pipes and wooden blocks, please visit the TOS Crew Blog.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this/these item(s)/service for free as part of the TOS Crew Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."


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