Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Post(s) Ever~

One of my friends on the TOS Crew (Rodna @Training Up Children For Christ) thought it would be fun to link up our first posts ever, just to see how things have changed~ and I thought that sounded like fun!

However, I'm a little scattered~ My VERY first post was over on HomeschoolBlogger, which I don't use much any more~ It was the new year, 2006~ Wow! I didn't even recognize that I had a 5 year blogging anniversary already! Crazy!

Two and a half years later I moved over here to Blogger, and this is the first post on my Small Change (Little Bits that Add Up) blog. I am trying to figure out how to "migrate" my posts from Small Change over to my current blog (And the one that loves followers) ~ Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold ~  I started ~ Acorns ~ in Fall of 2008 strictly as my TOS Crew Review Blog, however, I have since come to decide that I would prefer to maintain only one blog. I also think it is more interesting to my readers to only have one blog, with a variety of posts. Now, without further ado, here is my first TOS Crew Review ever~ Help Me To Teach (This is the blog that I would prefer to have you "Friend" via GFC).

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy this little walk down my blogging memory lane. :) If you'd like to read some other (or link up your own) Very First Posts hop over to this link up at Rodna's blog.



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