Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Charlatan's Boy (Book Review)

Looking for an adventurous summer-time read? Enter The Charlatan's Boy. This is one of those books that is perfect to enjoy curling up with on a lazy summer day, under the shade tree. As I read The Charlatan's Boy by Jonathan Rogers I was given a lovely nostalgic sort of feeling. It is placed in an un-named time and fictional location, but there is a sense of the mid 17th to late 19th century about the book(Sort of Dorothy and Kansas, but NOT!... much earlier and wilder from a "Civilized" point of view).

In a world of relative morality, I appreciate books that approach some of the tougher questions of life,  couched in entertaining stories. One of the most memorable and pointed quotes from the book~ Grady the main character asks “So here’s what I’d like to know: if a feller feels honest, if he wants to be honest, but he don’t get much chance to talk honest or act honest, is he a honest feller or not?” Good question for discussion, hey?

Even the word "Charlatan" from the title of the book may create an opportunity for discussion~ What IS a "Charlatan" and are we all charlatans to some degree or not?

Of course, you may simply wish to read (And have your children read) and enjoy this book for the story that it is. Even if you don't bring up questions to discuss, you may be surprised to find that it provokes your children to start those discussions. It's that kind of book.

Click on the book cover to purchase, read an excerpt, view the reader's guide that poses some thought-provoking questions, and more. You can also take a Sneak peek! Download and read the first two chapters of The Charlatan's Boy.

This book has a thumbs up rating from not only myself, but my eldest, who has put it on middlest's "Reading list" for this summer. (Have to love big sister bookworms! :D )

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